Photography Courses After 12th: Jobs/Salary/Colleges.

Men with cap clicking photos with camera after completing photography course.

Photography courses after 12th.

Photography courses after 12th are one of the high salary courses students have.

If your hobby is clicking photos and you like to turn your hobby as your career. Then courses in photography are one of the best ways to do this.

Clicking best and creative photos can be developed more. Through the right professional photography course pursing.

Alive the nature inside your photos is one of your individual work and professional art. If you like to play with your camera under the visual world. Then photography courses after 12th are the best course for you.

You can also develop your photography skills by clicking back to back pictures around you.

Photography required inner eyes and the perfect image. Therefore it’s important that you practice a lot for the best result.

Later you can start to join the photography class or photography course for the certification and technicality.

Why Photography Courses.

Photography has lots of exposers all around the world. Big companies and the fashion industry always look forward to the perfect photos for marketing purposes.

Many online websites are available these days that sell photos online. The demand for photography course also gets increase because social media use photos a lot.

Photography is Mischer of arts and science. The right photo angle and correct color combination only can find by creative people.

The course of photography not only teaches you about clicking perfect photos. But it also taught you about the right angle, camera lances, lighting, image editing, software, and so on.

Photography fees are not that high. Plus many photography schools are available that can teach you the basic fundamental of photography in the starting phase only.

A photography career allows you to work individually or work with a team.

Not only media companies but the fashion industry, big websites, and magazines also hired photographers.

These days’ photographers with digital photography candidates are getting lots of opportunities.

After a complete photography course, you can apply for national or international job options.

Photography Courses after 12th.

A career in a photography course after 12th is a very good exposer for your career. The right photography course can fall you in the right job position.

Certificate courses and degree courses both are available in India. A few years back very limited colleges and instated provides the arts and photography courses.

But now most of the top colleges provide a fine and art photography degree.

The professional photography course is important because through that you will get the technical knowledge of the camera.

Plus you will learn lots of new image edit software to use and angle ideas.

Choice the course as per your time and interest. Diploma Photography, Bachelor’s degree in photography and certificate photography all courses are available.

A course of photography comes in various ways. Such as fashion photography, motion picture photography, wedding photography, wildlife photography, digital photography, journalism photography, professional photography, and so on.

The certificate photography course duration could be six months to one year. However, the diploma course normally takes one year of course.

But under photography courses after 12th. If you want a degree then it will be going to take your three years of study.

Degree Photography Courses.

  • BA Photography.
  • BFA Photography.
  • BA in Visual Arts & Photography.
  • BSc Photography & video visual production.
  • BSc in Photography & cinematography.

Diploma Photography Courses.

  • Diploma in Fashion Photography.
  • Diploma in Digital Photography.
  • Diploma in Professional Photography.
  • Diploma in Digital cinematography.
  • Diploma in Photography & Digital Imaging.
  • Diploma in Advertising and Commercial Photography.
  • Diploma in Professional Photojournalism.
  • PG Diploma in Photography.

Professional Photography Course.

  • Certificate in Digital Photography.
  • Certificate in Professional photojournalism.
  • Certificate in Digital cinematography.
  • Certificate in Photography & Digital Imaging.
  • Certificate in Fashion Photography.
  • Photography & Image Editing.

Specialization in Photography.

After completing your photography course. If you like to do a specialization in photography for a bright future.

Then you can choose the areas according to your interest. I have mentioned some demanding photography specialization course name down below.

Specialization in photography not only increases the job position. But also increase your yearly payout.

Specialization in Photography.

  • Sports Photography.
  • Fashion Photography.
  • Product Photography.
  • Wildlife Photography.
  • Event Photography.
  • Automobile Photography.
  • People Photography.
  • Photojournalist.
  • Nature & Landscape Photography.

 Photography Course Fees.

Now let see the photography course cost or photography fees details.

Normally photography course fees depend on course duration and college. As per your selected duration course. You have to pay the fees and a long duration course could be charged more fee.

Diploma course charges around 1.5 lakh to 2 lakh approx. It depends on the city and location of the college too.

Bachelor’s Degree in Photography Course fees could be approx. 50,000 to 1 lakh approx.

However, Certificate course fees could be around 10,000 to 25,000 approx.

Many small and big institutes are also available these days. Which charges the fee very low too. As I said fee structure also depends on the area of location.

So, in my opinion, the best way to know the right fee is that visit the particular college or institute’s official site. In which you are looking for admission.  

Scope & Career Photography Courses after 12th.

You can travel all around the world with your profession. You do not need to site down on one table desk for the 9hours. No need to follow the dress code of the office.

You can click any beautiful moment which makes you feel happy. Your instrument your camera will deliver your work just in clicks.

Various areas of photography open your world for lots of opportunities. As per your wish, you can be a commercial photographer, fashion photographer, documentary field, and tourism.

Under this profession, you will get the right to work individually. If you like you can start your own portrait photography too.

Career scope is huge you can choose the industry like a magazine, automobile, television, fine and art photography, media, marketing, newspaper, events, and so on.


Some skills good to learn which will help you photography career for better achievement.

  • Communication Skills.
  • Concentration.
  • Editing Skills.
  • Passion.
  • Creativity Skills.
  • Software skills.
  • Visual Skills.
  • Independent.
  • Artistic.
  • Organized.
  • Teamwork.

Types of Photography Courses.

Every individual has a different passion. Few like the fashion industry and some others like the event industry.

That only photography career also gives you the choice of field to choose. Choose your challenge from a given type of photography courses below.

  1. Fine Art Photography.
  2. Wildlife Photography.
  3. Still Life Photography.
  4. Landscape Photography.
  5. Fashion Photography.
  6. Photojournalist.
  7. Product Photography.
  8. Aerial Photography.
  9. Architectural Photography.
  10. Forensic Photography.
  11. Portrait Photography.
  12. Sports Photography.

Job Opportunities.

This field provides various job opportunities for you. After completing a photography course you can start your career in the photography field.

After doing a specialization in your photography subject. You can apply for the higher post too.

Few Job Profile:

  • Forensic Photographer.
  • Scientific Photographer.
  • Advertising Photographer.
  • Wildlife Photographer.
  • Featured Photographer.
  • Photojournalists.
  • Event Photographer.
  • Portrait Photographer.
  • Commercial Photographer.
  • Automobile Photographer.
  • Industrial Photographer.

Salary in Photography Career.

As much as the skills and talent you have in your photography. That much chance of good earning is there.

So always polis your skills not only communication skills but other technical skills too.

However, as a fresher in the photography industry, you can expect approx. 1lakh to 1.20lakh. If you are experienced then 3lakh to 5lakh could be possible.

As you have started as a freelancer then the chance of earning can be much more.

If might be you start your career as a staff Photographer then salary could be possible around 8lakh to 15lakh.

This figure of salary also depends on your specialization field. Salary can be varied as per the area of industry and company.

In many cases, you will get the opportunity to earn the money on an hourly basis.

Top Recruitment Industries.

Now let see the various top recruiter industries which normally hired photographer candidates.

  • Media industry.
  • Documentary firms.
  • Magazines industry.
  • Movie industry.
  • Event Organization.
  • Add Industry.

Top Colleges for Photography Courses In India.

Getting in on right filed along with the right preparation is very important. Therefore college selection for photography courses is one of the hard jobs to do.

No Worries. I have mention below a few top colleges for photography courses in India. You can choose as per your interest and location.

  1. National Institute of Photography (Mumbai).
  2. Delhi School of Photography.
  3. College of fine arts (Hyderabad).
  4. Assam University (Silchar).
  5. The World University of Design (Sonipat).
  6. Asian Academy of film and television (Noida).
  7. International Institute of fine arts (Modi Nagar).
  8. Lovely Professional University (Delhi).
  9. Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture & fine arts University (Hyderabad).

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