How Can You Clear Prelims Exam in 6 months Preparation?

Targeting wood board for Prelims Exam
Target of UPSC in the board.

Prelims Examination.

How can You Clear Prelims Exam in 6 months? (IN 2021-23)

If you have less time on your hand.

Still, you are tricks to cover your all topics and subjects.

Imagine the happiness on your face.

Differently, it would be priceless.

Might be you are thinking.

Is that really possible?

Yes, it is.

Today, I am sharing a few strong strategy points through that you will be able to achieve your goal of UPSC Exam Preparation.

Let’s began…

This is the most interesting guide for Prelims Exam candidates.

In this written post you will get everything you need to know about Prelims Exam preparation.

So, if you are looking for a gaudiness for your Exam preparation and the best book recommendation, then you are going to love the post.

Let’s start now…

If you have only 6 months or less for the next UPSC Exam (Prelims).

Do not worry still you can clear the Preliminary Exam if you follow the right strategy.

But remember, without Prelims clearness there is no way for UPSC Mains.

So, take your Prelims exam seriously.

Do not understatement the Prelims it’s not that much easy as you think and this is the only way which shows you the gate of UPSC Mains exam.

It’s not wrong if I say that Prelims are more tuff than Mains.

If you will not achieve the cut-off score (in prelim).

Then you will not be allowed to attempt the Mains exam.

Because, only 6 out of 200 students who sit for Prelims, get the cut-off marks.

So I will suggest that do not over-focus on the Mains exam till the time you have not to clear your Prelims.

Right, Strategy for your Prelims Exam!

There are many bright candidates that we lose each year under the Prelims Exam.

So, It’s not that they are not prepared enough or not prepare at all, we lose them because might be they are not following the right way of study or the correct strategy which required.

You need a strong strategic plan which makes you perfect in 6 months for your Premils Exam.

Let’s started.

Strategy #1 – How to cover NCERT Texts books Faster (Most Important)

In UPSC preparation NCERT books (from Class 6-12) are very fundamental.

You will get the basic information under these books however, it’s important.

Apart from NCERT, you have other more books which you need to cover in 6 months only.

So what to do?

Online various websites are available who will provide you the NCERT based Mock Exams test series. In those tests, you will see almost 700+ important questions.

Also, online study materials are available which will cover lots of topics in a few hours.

It’s important because it will make your basic strong.

Strategy #2 – Move Back

Just imagine you have the last few days of your exam then what will you prefer to do.

Mine’s suggestion is to move back and approaches the last UPSC prelims question papers.

After a few days, you will be able to analyze the specific zone through which questions are coming. You have to reverse these topics. And soon you will become a master.

Let’s see the UPSC (General paper I) question areas. The number of question Vs UPSC Syllabus area.

Indian Polity – (Political System, Panchayati Raj, Right Issue, Constitution, etc.)

Number of Question (12)

Economics (Poverty, Social Sector initiatives, Sustainable Development, etc.

Number of Question (15)

Indian History and Culture (India History and Indian National Movement).

Number of Question (16)

Geography (Social, Physical, Economic geography)

Number of Question (14)

Environment (Biodiversity and Climate Change, general issue)

Number of Question (18)

Current Affairs

Number of a question (15)

General Science

Number of a question (10)

Total Number of Question 100*2 = 200

Note: I have made this table for general GS Paper 1 understanding purpose. To provide you the idea of the exam paper.

Strategy #3 – Do not forget your CSAT Paper (Most Important)

CSAT Exam paper is crucial. You have to score at list 66 marks out of 200 (GS Paper 2).

I will suggest covering the previous UPSC CSAT question paper.

Many students who score well in GS1. Usually, do not give required focus on a second paper and because of that, they get out from the final list.

UPSC clearly says that candidates are out if they don’t have 66+ marks in his GS Paper 2.

So after clear the 1st cut-off, you need to focus on maths, comprehension.

If we talk about CSAT (GS Paper 2) Syllabus:

  • General Mental ability.
  • Basic numeracy (numbers relationship and orders of magnitude, etc.)
  • Analytical Ability
  • Communication skill

Now, Let’s see the UPSC (General paper II) question areas. The number of question Vs UPSC Syllabus area.

Data Interpretation                                               Number of Question 27

Logical Reasoning                                                 Number of Question 17

Comprehension                                                    Number of Question 28

Decision Making & Interpersonal Skills                    Number of Question 6

General Mental Ability                                           Number of Question 7

Basic Numeracy                                                   Number of Question 11

                            Total of 80 Qns (2.5*80=200)

I have made this table for GS Paper 2 understanding purpose. To provide you the idea of the exam paper.

Strategy #4– Prelims Exam preparation in 6 months possible.


No matter if you have only 6months left for your UPSC Exam, still you can cover the portion.

But, the first thing which required most is positive vibes along with a positive attitude.

There are many topers we have. Those follow the right strategy, planning, and cover all syllabus (in 6months).

There are many online sites available that provide the free mock call test.

So, Just join those sites and start your practice daily. Start focusing on smart work do not west your time covering an unnecessary topic.

CSAT UPSC previous exam paper revision. Do not study blindly, do some research, and refer to the recommended books.

  • NCERT Textbooks.
  • UPSC Previous Year Question Paper.
  • GS Manuals for Prelims.
  • Indian History and Culture.
  • Standard Textbooks for UPSC Prelims.
  • Indian Polity and Constitution.
  • Indian Economy
  • Indian Geography and World Geography.
  • Science and Technology.
  • Current Affairs.
  • Environment – Biodiversity and Climate Change.

Download as much as a mock test and solve them.

Bonus Information: (UPSE Online Preparation or Coaching)

Online Preparation

Many candidates are looking for free online coaching for IAS or Online preparation.

As per the UPSC Syllabus.

No worries,

Let’s talk about the same.

So, Are you interest in preparation way online, you can proceed for that too. Through online preparation also you can crack the UPSC Exam.

However correct guidelines and knowledge sources are always important.

I am going to share some of them which will be going to help you.

If we talk about the Newspaper Website then, I will recommend The Indian Express, The Economic Times, The Financial Express, and LiveMint, The Hindu (Start with any one of them).

Free NCERT books I will refer you can visit NCERT.NIC.In, also you can read books online download them in your smartphone.

In your free time, you can take a look at for arts and culture.

For the latest update and changes in information related to the government of India (schemes and policy), you can visit in (Best side)

Also, For perfect notes on environment, Biology and, geography you can visit in

Environment-Related news is available under MoEF.

Watch Rajya Sabha Tv discussions on Youtube in your free time it’s also now become very famous now.

For more help related to your course and topic you can visit Unacademy Learning Academy.

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