Psychology Courses After 12th (Courses/Scope/Career).

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Psychology Courses After 12th.

Psychology courses after 12th.

Mental health is a key to human physical health. Psychology courses after 12th provide the opportunity to the student for understanding the behavior science of the mind.

In two different ways conscious and unconscious. Many developed countries like the US and UK already know the importance of mental health.

However, in the past few years, India also paying attention to these psychology subjects, and many institutes or schools are started the psychology courses in India after 12th class.

It’s one of the demanding career options we have in India. Because in the last few years people really getting to know the importance of this profession.

Before knowing about the Psychology courses after 12th. Let’s understand the basic part of psychology. 

What is Psychology?

As I have mentioned above that Psychology courses teach us about human health and behavior affected.

But how its work, when you meet the people who are not behaving naturally as per his/her normal behavior.

Or might be person feel lots because of work stress, relationship stress, family stress, etc.

Then through counseling or physiotherapy. Psychologists try to come down the person on the normal behavior.

Psychology subject is very vast, it has lots of branches. But all most all Psychology course cover the human anatomy and basic concepts of Psychology.

Psychology in India does have a variety of courses.

Such as certificate courses in psychology, Diploma courses in psychology, postgraduate courses in psychology, Online courses in psychology, Bachelor’s degree courses in psychology, and part-time psychology courses in India.

Psychology Courses after 12th in India.

Different psychology courses in India not only provide theoretical knowledge to the students but also give practical knowledge too.

Psychology or specialist in psychology hold lots of human mysteries. It has lots of angles and turns to go in deep.

For a psychology career, it’s also important that you should have the skill of human understanding.

Human Psychology courses taught you how to find the human mental issue. One human Psychologist expert only can take care of the good recovery result.

After 12th class, if you are planning for the psychology course. Then you can choose the undergraduate degree courses from below.

If you have studies the sociology subjects in your previous subjects then it will be beneficial for you.

Undergraduate Degree in Psychology. Psychology courses after 12th (Bachelor’s Degree). Course Duration. Average Course Fees.
1. B.A (Bachelor of Arts in Psychology). 3 Years. 20K INR to 3 Lakhs INR.
2. B.A Hons. (Bachelor of Arts Honours in Applied Psychology. 3 Years. 1 Lakhs INR to 4 Lakhs.
3. B.A Hons Psychology (Bachelor of Arts Honours in Psychology). 3 Years. 20k INR to 25 Lakhs.
4. Bachelor of Arts in Journalism/ Psychology/English. 3 Years. 60K INR to 2 Lakhs.
5. Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology (B.A). 4 Years.
6. Diploma in Psychology 1 Year. 15,500 INR to 25K.
7. Diploma in Child Psychology. 1 Year to 2 Years.

BA Psychology:

Psychology after 12th arts (BA Psychology) is one of the best course choices candidates have. If you love arts and want to go deep in psychology subjects.

Then the BA psychology UG course is good for you. This course gives you all the basic information about psychology.

After completing a BA in Psychology you will easily get the starting level of Psychology jobs.

Bachelor of Arts Honours in Applied Psychology.

This course gives knowledge of the Psychological theories, principles to overcome problems, ergonomics, and education, etc.

After completing a BA (Hons) in Applied Psychology. The scope of applied psychology is very large. You can enter the top industry.

Such as Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology, School Psychology, Industrial Psychology, and so on.

BA (Hons) Psychology.

This course taught you about the psychology concept, natural science, and strategies. Career options in psychology are smart, long, and bright.

You will get the knowledge of psychology subjects in BA (Hons) Psychology. This helps you to research cognitive psychology, personality theories, child development, etc.

BA in Journalism/ Psychology/English.

You can pursue this psychology course after 12th class. It basically covers the psychology subjects which taught you about how psychology and media work together.

It gives you the opportunity to understand other countries and their culture too.

BA in Applied Psychology.

If you have questions like does Psychology have a future? Then answer is yes human psychology courses and career does have a bright future.

Like other psychology courses, B.A in Applied Psychology one also has its own value and aims.

Under this course, you will get the knowledge of community psychology, Emotion, interpersonal relationship, and cognition.

Few Common Psychology Subjects of Bachelor’s Degrees.

  • Zoology.
  • Social Anthropology.
  • Criminology.
  • HR Management.
  • Childhood Studies.
  • Forensic Science.
  • Philosophy.
  • Sociology.
  • Social History.

Types of Psychology Degree.

There are many types of psychology degrees is available in the education field. Some course provides you the basic psychology information.

Other psychology courses after 12th are provides you the particular specialties and professional knowledge.

Top Opt-in psychology Courses by students.

1. Clinical Psychology.
2. Counseling Psychology.
3. Education Psychology.
4. Developmental Psychology.
5. Social Psychology.
6. Health Psychology.

Eligibility for Undergraduate Psychology Courses:

  • You should be pass-out the 10+2 Class with a recognized board.
  • Any stream (science, commerce, arts) of students can take the admission of Psychology courses.
  • If you have passed your 12th exam with the NIOS board. Still, you are eligible for the Psychology courses after the 12th.
  • Few institute and colleges do have their additional eligibility criteria for admission. Which you have to cross-check before applying for admission.

Postgraduate Psychology Courses.

1. M.A (Applied Psychology).
2. M.A (Counselling Psychology).
3. M.A (Hons) Psychology.
4. M.A (Philosophy & applied Psychology).
5. M.A Psychology.
6. M.Phil. Child & Adolescent Psychology.
7. M.Phil. Counseling Psychology.
8. M.Phil. Psychology.

Eligibility for Postgraduate Psychology Courses.

  1. A graduate degree with Psychology’s main subject is required.
  2. If you are in the final year of your bachelor’s degree still you are eligible for the PG.
  3. If your graduate has been completed through the Open University or you have done the distance learning course then you are not eligible for the PG Psychology course.

Psychology Areas of Specialization.

As I have mentioned above Psychology is a vast career option you can do the MSC in Psychology. If you have an MBA and still want to pursue the psychology course.

Then you can do a Ph.D. in Psychology after MBA.

Like many subdivisions, options are also available for the students and you can also become the specialization of those subdivisions for the career of a psychologist.

  1. Development in Psychology.
  2. Social Psychology.
  3. Sports Psychology.
  4. Healthy Psychology.
  5. Forensic Psychology.
  6. Environmental Psychology.
  7. School Psychology.
  8. Industrial Psychology.
  9. Counseling Psychology.

Doctorate Degree in Psychology. Doctoral Degree Courses.
1. Ph.D.- Counselling Psychology.
2. Ph.D. in Psychology.
3. Ph.D. Stress Analysis.

Eligibility for Doctorate Degree in Psychology.

  • You should pass out the 12th class (arts, commerce, and science) any stream.
  • Required Graduate Degree with recognized institute or college for Doctorate.
  • Plus Master degree with recognized organization or colleges.

Diploma Course in Psychology after 12th.

If you want to do an advanced diploma course in Psychology? Then you can apply to this below mention diploma courses.

Diploma in Applied Psychology.
Diploma in Child Psychology.
Advanced Diploma in Child Psychology.
Advanced Diploma in Counselling Psychology.
Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Psychology.
Postgraduate Diploma in Sport Psychology.
Postgraduate Diploma in Mental health Counseling.
Postgraduate Diploma in Family & Child Psychology.
Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology.

Clinical Psychology Courses in India.

  • BSc in Clinical Psychology.
  • M.A in Applied Psychology- Clinical Psychology.
  • MSc in Clinical Psychology.
  • MSc. in Clinical Psychology.
  • PH.D. in Clinical Psychology.
  • MA in Psychology- Psychology Clinical Studies.
  • MA in Clinical Psychology.

Child Psychology Courses in India.

  1. Advanced Diploma in Child guidance & Counseling.
  2. Child & adolescent therapy & family therapy.
  3. Sc. Human Development & Childhood Studies.
  4. Early Childhood Education & Development.

Certificate Course in Psychology in India.

  • Certificate in Psychology.
  • Child & Adolescent Therapy & Family Therapy.
  • Certificate Course in Child Psychology.
  • Positive Psychology Perspective: Education/research/Communication For health.
  • Certificate in Counselling & Psychology.

How to Become a Psychology in India after 12th.

  1. 10+2 pass out.
  2. After completing the graduation degree (BA or BSc) in a Psychology course. You can start to pursue a specialization in Psychology subject. Such as stress management, personality development, neuro Psychology, etc.
  3. You can also do internships for gaining some experience or job opportunities.
  4. You can pursue post-graduation in a Psychology course.
  5. Apply for the entrance exam and take admission into a top university.
  6. If still want to continue study then better you go for the doctoral (Specialization) level of course.

Entrance Exam for Psychology after 12th.

JMI Entrance Exam. Jammu University Entrance test- JUET.
Agra University (MSC Clinical Psychology Entrance Exam). Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham (All India Entrance Examination).
Delhi University (M.A Applied Psychology Entrance Exam). Manipal University (MA Clinical Psychology Entrance Exam).
Rajiv Gandhi Univerity of Health Science (MSc Clinical Psychology Entrance Exam). National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Science (institute Entrance Exam).

Key Learning areas in Psychology.

  1. The course provides knowledge of human nature.
  2. How to improve the aspect of life.
  3. Analytical Skills and multiple Research.
  4. You will also learn the communicator skill.
  5. Resolve Conflict skills.
  6. Deal with numbers of different human behavior.
  7. Analyzing the mind.

Skills Required for Psychology.

Patience. Analytical.
Deal with the situation. Compassionate.
Understand mental. Goal Orientated.
Effective communication. Interpersonal Skills.
Good Behavior. Logical.
Empathy. Sensible.
Patience. Calm.
Perceptive. Pragmatic.
Team Person. Realistic.

Psychology Colleges in India after 12th. Institute offering Psychology courses after 12th.
1. Sardar Patel University (Gujarat).
2. Kurukshetra University (Haryana).
3. Mysore University.
4. The University of Delhi.
5. Barkhatullah Vishwavidhalaya (Bhopal).
6. The University of Kolkata.
7. Jamia Millia Islamia (New Delhi).
8. International University.
9. Christ University (Bengaluru).
10. Lady Shri Ram College for Women (Delhi).
11. Xavier’s College (Mumbai).
12. Fergusson College (Pune).
13. Aligarh Muslim University.
14. Gautama Budh University.
15. Tata Institute of Social Science (Mumbai).
16. Kamala Nehru College.
17. LSR College for Women.
18. Gargi College.

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