How to Save Money Tips & Small Tricks [10 Steps].

Money as been save in bottle for future

We all want saving money, but we always looking for that “what are saving money tips or How to save money tips”.

Saving money is a good idea ever, does not matter you are student, employee or housewife.

When we are the child, we all use to keeps coins in our pigging back right.

Then what happens?

We grow up and we forgot all the small saving because we are starting to look thinks in a big way.

But, without a small saving, you cannot reach a big amount.

If you are not able to save 500 bucks in months also, see a small child in your house.

Might be that child has more than 500 bucks in his piggy bank.

Because that child still believes in small saving.

Yes, this is correct that when we grow we have a lot of expense and most of us don’t know how to manage things.

And we start thinking that how to save money.

Therefore, we are going to talk about very small strategy for saving money. Which you can follow easily and without any risks.

1). Avoid Cash Credit (Save Money).

Yes, if you have expended you all money, till the month end, for example, 25 of date.

And you took credit of small 500 bucks through your friend or through the boss.

Then next month when you get the pocket money or salary you have the burden of 500 bucks extra in your head.

Taking money from someone is very easy, but returning is always hard.

So, avoid credit cash.

2). Don’t Pay for Destruction.

Many of us buying think for just make own self happy.

Many of people do shopping to so off.

Do not do that, the product cannot give you happiness.

Make friends or either try to spend money to enhance your skill. Which will make you grow in your field.

But, do not west money in things which you not need.

Whenever you purchase any thinks just think twice “do you really need that”.

3). Try To Use Carpool Cab Service.

We all are using transport and many off us using individual car or bike.

Calculate your monthly travel expenditure amount and try to use carpool service at cheap price.

Through this, you will save your little money which you are spending on your expensive travels or in patrol.

Also, when going market near to your home tries to don’t use a bike, take a walk.

It is good for your health plus you are saving indirectly petrol on your bike.

4). Keep Your Bills Records.

Usually, most of us using bikes, car, Scotty, how many of us have a correct paper with us.

If you purchase any electronic goods like washing machine, refrigerator, iron.

And you do have a warranty for that product also, for example, 2 or 3 years also.

But, when this item stop gets working are you really have papers with you.

Or you are always searching for paper or paying money to companies for serves which normally not required.

So, the point is this to keep collect and make a record of all bills.

So, that in urgent time, you do not have to pay any 300 or 500 bucks and you can save that amount in your saving pocket.


5). Buy Grocery In Bulk.

If you are managing a home or as a student you are leaving alone also.

Try to measure your monthly food expense.

Note down all food requirements you have and do not buy grocery in small quantity.

For example, you have taken 250gram sugar packet in 25.00 bucks and if you take a pack of 2kg then the price is 175.00 bucks.

Then what you think where you are saving.

Bulk grocery always gives you a small saving as compare to small goods. While you are punching grocery items.

6). Use Online Coupons.

We all love junk food. We always like to have pizza, burger, ordering food through online restaurants and many more.

We do think that how to save money, but we cannot stop ownself to have street food or junk food.

So before ordering check the coupons related to that website.

Many of us may be using coupons.

But, not all of us are doing.

While we are ordering food in a rush we always forget to apply coupons.

Because we thought, why to run behind saving only 50 bucks.

However, if you order once in a week.

And 4 times in a month than you are giving 200 bucks extra, which you can save easily through coupons use.

7). Measure Your Monthly Expend.

Start calculating your monthly expense in your diary or in a note.

If you are not able to do, then make one note on your mobile only.

And check the end of the month, that where you are expending all money and how much think that you’re taken is really required.

Divide your monthly pocket money or salary according to that.

Avoid the unnecessary expense, from that note which not required right way.

Give challenges to your mind to runs months in limited money.

Just try and you will see that you will get new ideas to manage your daily activity very easily.

One popular author Peter Drucker says that “if you can’t measure it. Then you cannot manage it”.

8). Link Your Deposit Bank Account.

If you have a salary account and you always forget to save money.

Then batter that you link your deposit account to your salary account.

And fix one small amount for your monthly deposit account.

So, through that, if you will not remember also, amount be will deduct directly from your salary account.

And you did not need to worry about that.

9). Leave Bad Habits.

Most of the people use bad habits to reduce own stress.

First of fall, giving money for smoking, drinking and be addicted to that is not good.

Gaining health issue will cost you later also.

Means you are giving money for gaining health issue.

Quite funny, once a while is ok for enjoyment.

Try to save you a small amount in PPF, mutual fund and many more ways are available.

Plus do meditation and exercise to reduce your stress.

What we think that we will do the big saving for big money.

No, you cannot able to start big saving, until you are not starting a small one.

10). Start to Take Small Steps.

Try to start with small changes. Keep water of bottle with you, so that you not have to buy one.

Cook your food, your own it will help you to save money.

Because if you spend 50 bucks in breakfast and 100 bucks in lunch, 100 bucks at dinner.

Then 250 bucks daily is not a good idea to expand like this.

Manage cooking as much as you can.

When doing online shopping then check the same product in other websites as well, might be you will get at less price in other online sides.

That’s not important that you follow all the steps which mention here.

Start with which you can able to follow and see the improvement.

Don’t jump for big saving, start with small steps.

Slowly you will be able to manage the things, according to your ideas.