How to Scan Documents with Andriod, iPhone, Mac…

Digital scanner with black color

You can scan documents easily through the scanner or scanner pro app. This is simple guide for scan document by computer, android or iPhone, or Mac.

Before scanning the documents it important that you check that scanner is installed properly on not.

Scan Documents using Google Drive: Android.

Scan documents by Google Drive are one of my favorite, because it is pretty simple and time saver.

Step 1: Open the Gmail account and on the left top,  gets the three dot menu options to click on that.

Step 2: here you will get the Google drive option. Click on that “Drive” option.

Step 3: Bottom right you will get the Add sign (Plus) tab on that.

Step 4: Now click on “Scan” option.

Step 5: here you will see the popup comes up to ask you the permission to access your drive picture and videos. So, click on the “Allow” tab there.

Step 6: now you will see that scanner screen will appear, you will also get the crop option there.

So, if you want to crop your document then you can crop from here now.

Step 7: Now you can scan the document here. To scan another document you can click on the Add page tab.

Note: If you might feel that document is not scanned properly, then downside you will get the Rescan button too.

Just click on that for rescan the document.

Right, Top you will find the “Pain board icon”, after clicking on that you will get the option of the color scan, black & white, color drawing, and none.

You can choose document color option from here.

Near to pain option, you will get one more three-dot menu option.

After clicking that you will get the option like rename scan, delete a page, and rotate the page, setting and so on.

And after selection of your choice, you can click on the “Save” tab for confirmation.

After that when you will return to the Google drive main page.

And your scanned documents will be visible and there you can click on any single scan document and top right corner you will get the three-dot option after clicking that you will see the “Share” option.

Through here you can also share you scan documents to others.

However, you cannot scan your documents with Google drive if you are using an iPhone or iPad.

Scan Documents using iPhone or Note.

If you are regularly using the scan documents process because of official use. Then, in my opinion, you should use the scanner pro app.

This app is perfect for the professional person. Its take the perfect scan and providing multiple other features too.

Yeah, its took $4.00 monthly charge but it’s worth it. If you are frequently required scan without any terrible.

Step 1: First of fall, download the Scanner app on your iPhone.

Step 2: When you will open the app downside you will see the add sign tab click on that and chose the file or document which you want to scan.

Step 3: After the selection of the document click on the “Middle catch” button and document has been scanned perfectly.

Note: However, if you want that scanner work automatic for scanning then through top right menu option go into setting and chose the option Automatic.

Through that scanning will be work as auto and manuel function will be not required for capturing document.

In the top middle, you will get the color option too. After clicking on color option you chose a color like, color photo, color document, black and white.

If you did any mistake in scanning then down you will get the rescan option too.

Step 4: After setup, all function when you can happy with your document scan then click on “Save” button for final confirmation.

Bonus tips: Might be in last moment, you feel that something is wrong is in scaned documents.

Then and there also you can edit your scan document. Which is the best feature as per me!

The share button is also available for document sharing. File format option also available jpeg and png both.

This app provides you the option of share document through fax, email, Dropbox, directly save and so on.

So, save it or share it as per your preference.

Scan a Document in Window 10. 

Step 1: In your window 10 laptop or computer click on the start menu button, which is in the left down corner.

Check out all apps and find the Scan app. After that click on scan app. It will ask you to connect scan connection with scanner.

Step 2: So connect the USB code now in your computer. Through that, it will connect to the scanner. Because after that the scanner will turn on for scanning.

Step 3: To get verified that your scanner is connected. You can see the scanner name on your computer. For example, if you are using a Canon scanner.

Then it will show the name of cannon scan in scanner tab. However, the file type will be visible as PNG.

Step 4: Through setting option which available in the menu you can choose the color mode, resolution, save the file to and so on.

Step 5: Now scan the document and click on the “Preview” button to get sure about correct appears.

If might you get any issue in preview then you can refer the scanner bundled instruction sheet for more clearness.

You can also check color mode option deep and set the step correctly as per your requirement.

Step 5: After getting done with setup click on the Scan button and view your scan document through the View button.

If you want you can download any scanning app to in your computer. Or in my opinion, use the scanner bundle institution.

Note: If after connecting the USB code in your computer, you are unable to see the scanner name on the computer.

That means might be your scanner is too old. Or perhaps not supporting any more to a new version.

In this situation, you have to change the scanner or else consider for troubleshooting.

How to Scan a Document on a Mac.

Step 1: You can connect your mac with scanner through USB code.

However, if you are using a wireless enable scanner then connect and setup the scanner. Through wireless and make sure that you connect with the correct printer.

Step 2: Now through the top left concern click on Apple menu and open it.

Step 3: Here in the drop-down menu you will get the option of System Preferences to click on that.

Step 4: Now in top menu option will be visible go there and click on View option.

Step 5: Next in the drop-down option you will get the Print & Scan option. Here you will see the popup now.

Step 6: Lower left you will get the plus sign (+) click on that and through menu chose the connected scanner or printer.

Step 7: probably it could ask you for scanner installation. Then chose the on-screen prompt.

Step 8: After the installation is done. Put the document now under the scanner. Then go to Spotlight and type preview inbox.

Step 9: Now click on File upper left corner and select “Import for Scanner”.

Step 10: Next tab on Include networked Devices. Here you have to select your scanner name.

Step 11: then click File and chose “Export as PDF”. Now it will ask for file name so mention the name of the file which you are scanning.

Step 12: Click the “Where” box to choose the location of the file. And down you will get the “Save” tab click on that.

How to Email Scan Documents.

Step 1: Next open your email website and login with your user id and password.

Step 2: Start Compose your email after mention to and from email address.

Step 3: Next click on Attach file which will appear downside option. Select the file from your folder and attach your scan document.

Step 4: Now select the Open and after the uploading is done.

Format your text words in body part check recipient email address once more time and you through “Send” tab you can send the email.