Scope For Biotechnology Engineering [B.Tech & BSc].

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Scope for biotechnology Engineering.

Scope For Bioyechnology.

Your interest in scope for biotechnology engineering says that you belong to biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics subjects.

Study biotechnology gives you the route to develop your knowledge of biological systems, medical lines, lab work, and living organisms.

Having a question of what is the scope for biotechnology engineering is common. In the biotechnology industry, you make products you also do research work.

Now, the question comes about what kinds of products.

Products which helps to our day to day lifestyle. Biotechnology engineering jobs are respectful and in demand.

Not only through a biotechnology degree. You can also enter the biomedical engineering field by pursuing short term or long science courses.

Such as career options a bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree, a Diploma degree, certificate courses, and so on.

Down below you will see the all biotechnology engineering scope and salary in India. The career path in the biotechnological engineer is very vast and broad.

Scope of Biotechnology.

1. Research Scientist.

As a biotechnology student, you learn the combined subject of biology science. Means practical scientific topics such as information technology, robotics, chemical engineering, etc.

And theoretical subjects such as biochemistry, cell biology, embryology, genetics, and so on.

After completing the degree in biological science you can proceed with your career in research biotechnology.

However, this profession is required in candidate problem-solving skills and an analytical mindset.

If you have these skills then you can do much better in the research and development industry.

Many top institutes are available in India and abroad. In which you can start your career as a researcher scientist.

Few Top Research Institutes Are.

  • Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).
  • National Brain Research Institute (NBRI).
  • CSIR (Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology).
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR).
  • MS Swaminatha Research Foundation (MSSRF).
  • National Institute of Plant Genome Research (NIPGR).
  • National Institute of Immunology (NII).
  • National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI)
  • Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB).


Gate or CSIR NET qualification work students as an additional qualification which lets a student get a job easily in this research institute.

2. Lab Technician.

Lab technicians or Laboratory technicians work on the research project basically. They contribute their knowledge and efforts in the lab experiments.

As lab technicians, you will also be a part of the investigating potential products.

Such as cure disease, help to clean up the medical environment, detect contaminated food, improve crops, etc.

If I talk about the basic biotechnology lab technicians work. Then culturing samples and handling hazardous chemicals are the major work they do.

In this profession, you will get a variety of work. However, independent thinking will surely grow your career path on a huge level.

3. Biomedical Engineers.

B tech medical biotechnology is another popular career option we have in the biotechnology industry.

As a Biomedical engineer, you will develop the devices. Lifesaving machines that solve medical and health-related problems.

Such as kidney dialysis, surgical robots, advanced prosthetics, artificial organs, and so on.

Many students like this subject lot just because medical biotechnology salary in India is very smart.

After completing a BSc biotechnology course or b tech biotechnology course. You can plan for a master’s degree or specialization for better growth in biomedical engineering.

Biomedical engineering is quite popular just because it is a mix of biology and engineering.

Biomedical engineering does have a number of subdivisions to make your career on. Such as:

  • Medical Imaging.
  • Bio-nanotechnology.
  • Computational Biology.
  • Biomedical Electronics.
  • Orthopedic Bioengineering.
  • Biomaterials.

4. Epidemiologist.

One more great scope for biotechnology engineering is an epidemiologist. Huge career potential along with respective career posts.

It’s not wrong to say that biotech in India is in demand just because of all these professional occupations.

As an epidemiologist, you work for the public domain. You will be also recognized by public health professionals.

You will be doing work like investigating the cause of disease patterns and injuries.

Taking part in the research community and education health to reduce down the risk and occurrence.

This field in biotechnology gives you the opportunity to work under government organizations or universities.

Few Big Companies in which you can plan to apply is:

  • Centers for disease control.
  • World Health Organization.
  • National Institute of health.

5. Medical Writing Executive.

One more interesting biotechnology job in India is a medical writing executive. This medical biology profession normally required extra training help or small work experience.

Now the question comes what does a medical writer do. So basically medical writers help doctors.

For research writing, writing about medical topic reviews, monographs, and so on.

Medical writers also give a big contribution to the produce educational materials and medical license renewals.

BSc biotechnology scope and salary in India is high and worthy. Medical courses like this enhance your career perspective and salary package too.

6. Pharmaceutical Companies. biotechnology students can also make their careers in pharmaceutical companies. First, understand what pharmaceutical companies are.

 Pharmaceutical companies is actually a chemical industry.

Pharmaceutical companies always come with the vacancy for the biotech engineer or biotechnology students.

Such as quality control officer, marketing manager, research analyst, production in charge, and so on.

Biotech companies also link with pharmaceuticals companies. But why pharmaceutical companies hire biotech engineers.

The answer of this question is this because as a biotechnology student you had the knowledge of the molecular biology subject.

Which helps to understand the different health-related diseases and their effecting cells.

Students who have knowledge of molecular biology can understand the human body effects regarding the chemical.

Few Top Pharmaceutical Companies to which you can apply in the future.

  • Jubilant & Reliance Ltd.
  • Dr. Reddy Labs.
  • Wockhardt.
  • Torrent Pharma.
  • Invitrogen.
  • Cipla.
  • Cadila.
  • Novozymes.

7. Bio-Production Operators.

This biotechnology profession works in the product industry. Basically, it handles the last stop for a product before it reached the customer home or store seller.

So ideally, bioproduction operators check the packaging, manufacturing, shipping work, etc.

They will also make sure that the product goes with the right brand name and company.

You can enter this career scope with a diploma certificate too.

However, these biotechnology fields required skills like details oriented, safety standards, and knowledge of the industry.

8. Business Developer.

Biotechnology subjects also give you the opportunities to work under a business developer.

As we know biotech engineering in India is one of the famous career options.

So as a biotech candidate you can develop business with good analytical and technical skills. Many small to big companies hire the business developer for their products.

With your degree knowledge along with pleasant personality, communication skills you can increase the company profit and shares.

Biotech Company always likes to hire students who have great knowledge of biotechnology and business knowledge.

Required Skills:

  • Communication Skills.
  • Flexibility in work.
  • Knowledge of marketing.
  • Presentation Skills.

9. Science Writer.

As a science writer, you can select the area like technical writing or scientific writing work.

If you like writing then you can easily handle this profession.

Many times you have to do the general writing, research writing, description of methods, adept at searching, analyzing, and organizing, explaining data.

Through sharing your ideas in a logical manner you will also improve your scientific writing skills.

To make your career more adventures. You can also write about general public developments and discoveries stories.

If you are planning for a science writing career scope then doing a Ph.D. degree will be beneficial for you in my opinion.

10. Information Technology.

The most demanding career in the biotechnology industry is information technology. Big companies and institutes make their involvement in experiments and research.

Career options can be increased by having skills like additional tools knowledge. Such as data analytical, Python, tableau, Perl, etc.

Most of the scientist doing an experiment these days through digital mode. Biomedical search plays a big role in an area such as medicine and diseases.

You can easily take the entry into this industry if you took the biotech with IT/bioinformatics as a subject for your career.

After completing the degree in IT/Bioinformatics you can apply to many top MNCs. Such as Wipro, HCL, Accenture, and health care center.

11. Waste Management.

Another scope for biotechnology engineering is waste management. It’s also called environment control management. 

This sector provides career opportunities in the government and private sector both.

Job in the candidate will be utilizing different environment products, fertilize plants, disposal industries, and equipment.

If you have an interest in government jobs. Then you will feel happy to know that the government sector gives various golden career options in waste management.

The top government pollution board in which you can apply is the Central Pollution Control Board, Punjab Pollution Control Board, etc.

Other government departments for biotechnology jobs are the Agriculture department, Water Authority, Urban Department, Forest Department, etc.

You can also apply to the environmental institutes which deal with environmental problems.

The top company for environmental research is the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI).

Not only this, if you complete the degree in environmental engineering then you also apply for the project assistant and scientist post.

12. Quality Control Officer.

The biotechnology scope does have a profession in which candidates are taking care of construction quality control.

Through which our environment will not get damaged and destroys.

For a quality control officer, you should need knowledge of the construction industry. After becoming a quality control officer.

You have to take care of the review shop drawing, monitor construction performance, educate workers, checking of specific requirements, coordination with senior managers, etc.

13. Research in Foreign.

If you are looking for your career in abroad. If you want career opportunities and earnings in foreign countries.

Then you do that through a biotech degree along with a doctoral degree plus some work experience.

After having this qualification you can apply for a foreign university for research in foreign study and career. 

14. Sale Representative.

The next name in the list of scope for biotechnology engineering is medical sales repetitive. As a medical sales representative, you have to be a goal-oriented person.

Attaching meetings, finalizing budgets, peaching sales quotes, and make customer converted is a part of the job.

Few other skills are required in medical sales reps such as selling ability, organizational skills, authenticity persistence, technical knowledge, etc. 

15. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

If still you think is BTech biotechnology good course for a career. The answer is yes because it also gives the Intellectual Property Rights kinds of promising career filed.

The good part is that a degree is not compulsory. You can also proceed with this career with the IPR diploma course or IPR Master Degree course.

The global demand for IPR specialists is getting an increase on yearly basis. If you want to can also pursue the LLB in IPR for better future growth.

16. Bio-manufacturing Specialists.

Another top career scope in biotechnology is the biomanufacturing specialist. Great job opportunities process of manufacturing commercial products, regenerative medicine with an engineered biological system.

Usually, the biomanufacturing system used microorganisms and cell culture to produce commercial biomaterials.

17. Agriculture (Bioprocessing).

Awesome career scope for biotechnology engineer. There are many jobs related to biotechnology in India are available. But only a few have a great salary in biotechnology.

Under types of biotechnology jobs, bioprocessing is a very popular one. It’s also called in name of agriculture or the food industry.

The bioprocessing industry is basically working for new products. Products related to agriculture improvement and design.

Such as disease control, chemicals for plats, crop yield, insecticides, herbicides, etc.

Now the question comes why biotechnology students. Because as a biotechnology student you have the knowledge of the biocatalysts.

If might you choose the food industries then you have to deal with the various food knowledge.

Such as types of microorganisms, techniques used for production, purification of product, techniques of drink processing, etc.

You will also be a part of the treatment and management of waste by the food processing industry.

18. Internship.

After completing a biotechnology degree if you want to join the training program or looking for an internship.

Then you can apply for the internship program in various institutes. Else you can checkout and attend the workshop, seminars, and conferences.

Which makes your resume strong for the applying post. Plus having some kind of experience in comparison to no experience. Because some experience can stands out you from the crowd of the interview.

Few Popular Institutes for an Internship.

  • World Health Organization (WHO).
  • Regional Central for Biotechnology (RCB).
  • National Dairy Research Institute Karnal (IARI).
  • Animal Biotechnology Centre (ICAR)
  • Indian Agriculture Research Institute Internship Training (IARI)

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