Scope of MA Economics: Highest Paying & Jobs.

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Scope of MA Economics.

Scope of MA Economics.

Here we are going to see all scope of ma economics along with best career opportunities and highest-paying jobs.

Economics has multiple branches of subjects.

Therefore career options after masters in economics in India give you various career scope. Such as insurance, banking, financial service, trades, business management, etc.

Thousands of job opportunities for economics graduates are also available.

However, completing ma in economics opens the top jobs openings for economists.

Even after completing the M.A in economics, you can pursue higher education. Such as a PhD in economics or M.phil in economics.

Higher education economics degree jobs can make your career entry into the world level.

Because in all over the world demand of ma economics degree and economics graduates are very high.

Both national and global market comes with a jobs openings for economists and ba economics jobs.

Jobs for economics majors and right economist recruitment only can handle the world economy further enhanced and growth.

Therefore always focus on the economics majors.

Right analytical knowledge and problem-solving skills can make your career in economics sector very well.

Some students have only interest in jobs for ma economics in banks or scope of ma economics in Canada.

Which is great but in reality, career options after master in economics in India and abroad have much more scope and salary.

Let’s see some top career options after master in economics in India & abroad.

Scope of MA Economics.

  1. Education.
  2. Research and Consultancy.
  3. BFSI.
  4. Entrepreneurship.
  5. Data Analyst.
  6. Economist.
  7. Project Manager.
  8. Data Scientist.
  9. Financial Analyst.
  10. Actuary.
  11. Statistician.


After completing a master in economic you pursue your career in education line. It gives you the job opportunity to work as a school teacher.

This profession also required BA economics degree.

Through your immense knowledge of economics subject, you can teach students about the principle of economics along with other theories and particle parts.

Education filled provides one of the safe ma economics jobs.

After master degree in economics later if you complete the PhD in economics, PG in economic, or M.Phil.

Even you can do MBA in economics too if you have an interest.

Then you can apply for the higher post in economics scope such as a career as a Professor or Lecturer.

Research and Consultancy.

A career in economics research gives a bright future of economics students. After completing ma economics in research course you can start working in consultancy firms.

And other sectors too such as market analysis, labor, financial service and so on.

Ma economics jobs like research and consultancy required multiple duties to perform. Such as researchers analyze data, economics issues, conduct research, and so on.

Even you have a master of arts in economics and work experience some jobs requirements need expert advice and suggestions on various client projects.


Another best scope of ma economics is BFSI. Even BFSI is more best job option for economics graduates because it allows you to work in banking and financial service.

So if you are looking for jobs for ma economics in banks then yes you have an option in ere.

After economics banking course you can apply and work in public, private, foreign banks as a branch manager, Clerk, economic adviser, etc.

However, ba economics in banking is not enough for this profile. It takes the IBPS exam and state bank recruitment exams.

Moreover, if you have an economics majors degree and you are looking for jobs for economics majors.

Then international organizations like International Labor Organization and the World Bank is the best option for you.


The next best career in economics is own business means to become an entrepreneur.

The market has multiple business economics jobs. This means after completing a master’s degree in business.

You can pursue the best marketing jobs.

But if you have a mindset of quickly understanding the market trends and knowledge to identify the profitable sectors.

Then you can start your own business with the right economic sense. Building entrepreneurship is the best career choice for economics graduates too.

Specialization in economics courses will later give your business more expertise, profit, and business growth.

Data Analyst.

Data analyst profile comes under top-ranking jobs for ma economics candidates.

Studying economics in the data line gives you the knowledge to perform the duties.

Like collects data, handle large datasets, processes and, perform statistical analyses, etc.

Top data analyst skills which usually every company wants is.

Like SQL knowledge, Data visualization, Microsoft Excel, Python Statistical programming, machine learning, etc.

For this ba economics scope, you are required to choose ba economics courses.

Degree in Statistics or Degree in Mathematics along with a related subject involving maths.

Such as data science or economics.


Another name in economics careers list economist. It is also our second top-ranking jobs for ma economic candidates.

Economics honours scope usually focus on the study of demand and supply of goods.

To perform this economic job they do proper research in market trends, gather relevant data.

They use the top economic methods to get the best result such as qualitative and quantitative economic analysis.

They check other market and financial factors too like tax rates, exchanges rates, international trade, economic development, etc.

MA Economics Jobs.

The ma economics degree opens up multiple lucrative and high salary jobs for you.

Let’s see some career options in job profile after competing for ma in economics in India.

  • Economic Journalist.
  • Branch Manager Retail.
  • Credit Officer Retails.
  • Stock Broker.
  • Policy Analyst.
  • Operations Officer Banking.
  • Strategy Analyst.
  • Teacher/Professor.
  • Research.

MA Economics Jobs for Freshers.

Many private to the public sector have job options for the fresh postgraduates or master an economics course.

  • Financial Analyst.
  • Investment Analyst.
  • Marketing Manager.
  • Operations Manager.
  • Research Associate.
  • Investment Banker.
  • Securities Analyst.
  • Marketing Manager.
  • Data Analyst.
  • Analyst in International Banks.

Salary after MA Economics.

Given below is the master in economics salary as per job profile, economics degree, and work experience.

Remember economics jobs salary can be varied as per acquisition of skills and knowledge of product subject.


Salary (Approx.).

Professor. INR 4.80 Per Annum to INR 15.3 Per Annum.
Ministry Assistant. INR 2.4 Per Annum to INR 3.6 Per Annum.
RBI Grade B Officer. INR 4.2 Per Annum to INR 7.44 Per Annum.
Top Companies Name. Salary (approx.).
Genpact. INR 8L to 9L PA.
Dell. INR 25L to 30L PA.
Accenture. INR 5L to 6L PA.
Zocdoc. INR 28L to 30L PA.

Other Average Salary after Ma Economics.

Job Type.

Salary Per Annum (Average).

Economist. INR 7.30L PA.
Accountant. INR 3.09L PA.
Research Analyst. INR 5.4L PA.
Content Writer. INR 2.90L PA.
Business Analyst. INR 3.73L PA.
Data Analyst. INR 4.36L PA.
School Teacher. INR 2.55L PA.
Analytics Manager. INR 8.4L PA.

What to Study After MA Economics.

You can go for higher study after ma in economics course. For better jobs opportunities and career path.

  • PHD in Economics.
  • Phil. in Economics.
  • MBA in Economics.
  • PG in Economics.

After ba economics if you are doing any job or something.

Still you can continue you study through online masters in economics course.

Else many institute and colleges are available that provides the ma economics distance learning courses too.

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