Shipping Management Courses After 12th Commerce & Sci.

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Shipping Management.

Shipping Management Courses after 12th Commerce & Other Streams.

If you have an interest in the travel world through the ship and foreign port. Or if you are looking at the career after 12th, which gives you the adventure life.

Then you can pursue your career as a Shipping Management or Merchant Navy job.

Youngest generation always think which course after 12th commerce is right or what are the best courses after 12th is available.

Therefore I am introducing you to one of the interesting and demanding career opportunities which are shipping management.

India has so many shipping management courses available for you. Shipping management is also coming under the highest paid job in India.

After graduation, too many students are always applying for shipping management jobs. Because shipping management always role out many vacancies for students.

Basically, shipping management is dealing with transportation or logistic work. Logistics career is one of the best course after 12th we have in India.

Shipping management has two-term of the work. Which is actually interconnected with each other?

  • First is the Shipping.
  • Second is Maritime.

Why Shipping Management Courses after 12th Commerce.

Almost 80% to 90% of goods produced for consumers come and gone by the shipping transportation only.

Because of the international trade role demand for transportation is always high.

Shipping management helps our country in economic growth. Deal of lots of Indian goods has been sanded to other countries by the shipping only.

Other countries also used shipping transportation only for people traveling and goods delivery.

So you can understand the importance of shipping management is very high. Plus scope and career options of this field are continuously growing.

In shipping management courses after 12th if you want a lucrative job.

Then you can choose the course which will make you eligible for the managerial job, goods planning, or administration of shipment.

Scope in Shipping Management.

No matter which course you have chosen for your shipping management or logistic course. Job opportunities and career growth are very high in this field.

As I have mentioned above too if you have an interest in different country languages.

And you like to travel all around the world through the ship/ then surly you can start your career in this field after shipping courses.

After completing your management course you can select the job opportunity between private to government jobs.

The shipping industry is very large. Not only the government but many private companies also running own business through shipping management.

If you will complete the marine engineering course then you can also apply for the Merchant navy job.

Shipping Management Courses after 12th Commerce & Other Stream.

Shipping and logistics courses have a lot of course verities. However, most of the courses cover the same syllabus and topics about shipping management.

This course does have a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, PGDM, and diploma courses available for you.

Hence, it’s totally up to you which shipping and logistics course you will select.

Shipping & logistics Diploma Courses.

  • Diploma in logistics and Shipping.
  • Diploma in shipping management.
  • Diploma in Marine Engineering.
  • Diploma in Nautical Science.
  • Diploma in Naval Architecture & offshore engineering.

Shipping & Logistics Bachelor Degree courses.

  • BSc in Ship Building and repair.
  • BBA in Shipping & logistics.
  • BSc in Maritime Science.
  • BTech in Marine Engineering.
  • B.E in Marine engineering.
  • BBA in supply chain management.

Shipping & Logistics Master Degree Courses.

  • MSc International Shipping & logistics.
  • M.Tech in Marine Engineering.
  • MBA in Shipping Management.
  • MSc in Shipping Trade & Finance.
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Port & Shipping management.
  • MBA in shipping & logistics.
  • MBA in logistics & supply chain management.
  • MBA in International Transportation and Logistics Management.
  • PG Diploma in port & shipping management.
  • PG Diploma in shipping management.

Jobs & Career Prospects in Shipping and logistics.

If you complete the basic shipping and logistics course or you have completed the degree. In both situations, you can start your career in the shipping industry.

To reach for the more developing area and salary packages. You can pursue the master’s degree kind of course later too.

However, remember as much as you will increase the skill level of your knowledge in the shipping industry.

That many chances of the higher post you could get in the future. So ideally, always learn the new skills through your seniors.

There are many deck officer opportunity is also coming for the eligible students you can apply for that as well if you pass the eligibility criteria.

I have listed down some of the recruiter companies and shipping industries areas in which you can plan for apply after completing your course.

Shipping and Logistics Recruiters:

  • ITI Shipping LTD.
  • GMMCO Limited.
  • American Cruise Lines.
  • TMS shipping Pvt LTD.
  • Bridgeview Martine PVT. LMT.
  • Carnival Cruise Line.
  • Northern Marine Management PVT. LMT.
  • The Great Eastern Shipping Company LTD.

Logistics and Shipping Area:

  • Cruise Ship.
  • Freight organizations.
  • Administration & IT.
  • Merchant Navy.
  • Bulk Carrier Organizations.
  • Trade Compliance.
  • Customs Compliance.
  • Road transport & Haulage.

Job Profile in Shipping Management after 12th Commerce or Other Streams.

Numbers of job profiles are available under the shipping industry. I have mentioned below some job profiles name list.

In which you can apply after completing your shipping and logistics course.

Most of the shipping industry required your disciplined behavior and motivated mindset.

Job Profiles:

  1. General Crew.
  2. Expeditor.
  3. Consultant.
  4. Deck Officer.
  5. Customer service.
  6. Port captain.
  7. Production Planner.
  8. Associate Director.
  9. Deck Cadet.
  10. Master Scheduler.
  11. Port Captain.
  12. Manager Port Logistics.
  13. Supply Chain Analyst.
  14. Chief Engineering.
  15. Logistics Engineering.
  16. Steward.
  17. Sales Order Planner.
  18. Purchasing Manager.
  19. Supply chain Manager.
  20. International Logistics Manager.
  21. Marine Co-ordinate.

Salary in Shipping and Logistics.

This industry not only pays high but also provides other facilities and benefits as reward pay.

As much as a good course you have chosen you will get the job profile according to that.

And according to your job profile in the shipping industry, you will get your payout.

However, normally a deck officer and production planner gets a good salary package.

Your payout also depends on your ship. In other words, if your work for Indian ships then salary be a little low as compare to foreign ships.

So the salary of an employee is also varied according to the ship in which his/she aboard. Normally as fresh, you could get the salary around 85,000 to 1 lakh per annual.

But if you will join the ship as a deck officer then salary could be between 1, 30,000 to 1,60,000.

Remember this salary figure is approx. The estimated salary of any individual will be final consider by the shipment recruitment only.

Important Skills Required For Shipping and Logistics Business.

To become a valuable asset to your department and company. It’s always good to learn certain skills.

The skills which I am mentioning below its not only help you in your after 12th course.

But these skills will also be going to help you up. When you will plan to join the master’s degree for the shipping management and marine engineering courses.

Learn these skills and get yourself in higher ranking among other candidates.

  • Project Management.
  • Cost Accounting Skills.
  • Business Ethics.
  • Problem Solving Skills.
  • Work under Pressure.
  • Technical Knowledge.
  • Developing Skills.
  • Business Communication Skills.
  • Understand the E-business
  • Understand the Financial Statement.

Subjects and Topics of Shipping Management.

Normally, all shipping and logistics courses have their syllabus and topic of the subject.

However, many topics of the shipping course are quite similar to the other shipping courses.

Therefore, I have mentioned some common topics which normally cover by all the institutes and colleges.

Trends in logistics. Logistics and Multimodal Transport.
Logistics Management. Strategic Management.
Risk and Insurance management. International transport conventions.
Supplier relationship management. Business Process Re-Engineering.
Global Supply Chain management. Commercial Geography.
Business communication. Techniques of Operations efficiency.
Industrial Relation & labor laws. Warehousing & supply.
Shipping Options & management. Documentation & Clearance Processes.

Colleges in India for Shipping Management Courses after 12th.

There is a huge number of colleges and institutes are available in India and abroad. Which provides the shipping and logistics courses.

Hence, I have mentioned a few college’s names down below for you.

  1. Delhi School of Business (Delhi).
  2. International Maritime Academy (Chennai).
  3. Indian Institute of Materials Management (Delhi).
  4. National Academy of Management Studies (Mumbai).
  5. Dr. Jyotirmoyi Degree Colleges (Andhra Pradesh).
  6. Amity Business School (Noida).
  7. Institute of Engineering and Management (Kolkata).
  8. CII Institute of Logistics (Chennai).

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