Top 13 Study Apps for Class 10th Students [Latest].

Study Apps for Class 10th Students
Study Apps for Class 10th Students

Study apps.

Today, we are going to talk about Best Study apps for class 10th students.

We all use mobile or tablets a lot. In today its life it’s become our lifeline.

Every invention is to bring good and bad both things. And it comes to us that how we use that invention.

The right way, or the wrong way.

Imagine, if we can complete 30 to 40% study work through your phone only. Then how beautiful and easy life can be.

Therefore, today I am going to share the 13 best Study Apps for you.

After 10th class, we have lots of stuff classes as well.

But, we could not ignore that the 10th class is a very struggling and hard time for every student.

Because in India, getting good marks in a 10th class basically shows students’ real ability.

How much good a student is or which stream they can choose.

So, don’t worry your study is now going to be easier through using these apps.

Let start now…

1). Any.Do.

This app has a feature to schedule and framework your timetable.

If you do not want to make your daily schedule in note-paid, then you can use this app and make your frame of work and study Schedule accordingly.

The best part of this app is, that you can check the organized timetable anywhere.

And you can make changes as per your wish.

It could be very helpful for those students who always forget our planning and scheduling.

2). Meritnation (Study App).

One of the popular apps among students. It not only makes your study easy, but it will also give you 100+ information.

In this app, you will get the CBSE 6th class till the 12th class related to all study material.

If you are looking for UPSC preparation in the future, then it’s a good app. You are referring to your friend also who are looking for UPSC or ICSE preparation in the future.

Not only the NCERT solution. It would give you the information on the prevision year question paper, revision notes, many refreshes books.

Plus through expert discussion, you can take more information as well.

Besides this, it also helps medical and engineering students with an entrance exam. This app has lots of potential to guide.

A very amazing app, I suggest every student must have this app on his phone (for study).

3). Socratic (App).

Most of the students are stuck in maths.

Math’s formulas are very confusing sometimes. As I have an observation that 10 out of 8 students give up in maths.

Some math question takes our 1 hour and still we are not able to find the solution it’s very common.

Every student has a hard time with maths.

But, do not worry.

Because this app going to help you a lot. Yes, a lot means a lot.

What you have to do that only takes a snapshot of the math’s question in this and submit.

After that, it will give you the answer with the equation.

No matter how big the question is, it does not only give you the answer it also, provides you the step-by-step process of the problem-solving method.

4). Cam Scanner (App).

After missing the class when you need notes, from your friend. And your friend also wants to study that topic then.

That time your friend might be saying to wait for one day or two days.

Or the possibility that might be you have the note, but it’s difficult to copy all notes in one day.

No worries.

Now no need to ask your friend for notes just use the Cam Scanner app and take a scanned copy of your friend’s notes.

And will be visible in your gallery. And note it down later in your copy.

5). Brainly Homework Help.

My one of my favorite app. This app has an amazing feature.

Have you heard that if you share the knowledge then it will not only help you it helps others also?

Right, group decision is always working.

One question can be solved by many methods and you don’t know which method is easy and useful for you.

In this app, you will get a group of students. You can discuss any subject question here and get help through students’ comments.

You can solve other student issue or you can take help too. In me, this is the best app for students.

I have also written about 11 effective study habits which make you improve for your exam.

6). Toppr (App).

In this app, you will get a little different activity but it’s great.

Usually, when we finish any topic after that we always thought that “What kind of question can come related to this topic”.

So, do not worry about that, an app you just need to select the subject, and after selecting the subject.

Question-related to that topic will be coming to your scene automatically.

And you can solve the questions one by one. It will make your mind quicker.

If you are interested in the diploma course after 10th or 12th then you can check the guide here.

7). Loop Habit tracker.

Many of us try best to change our habits for the exam but we can not.

When the exam comes to our near. We always thought that from tomorrow on words I am going to change my habits and routing.

But, very rare it happens. So what to do?

No worries.

This app will help you out, to track your habits.

Yes, correct it will going to observe your daily habits and if you will follow the bad habits. It will show you the down Graph.

So, you can change your activity soon and as your activity will be in your exam favor it will show you the up Graph. Which will make you understand your changes.

8). Microsoft Office Lens.

If you have any project or assignment and you have a short time to convert it in Word or PDF.

Do not worry, just use the app and it will make your work easy.

Through this app, you can convert your scan note into Word, PDF, PTT.

So, now no need to go to cyber cafe for doing all this small stuff.

9). Photo Math.

Similar, to Socratic this app, also provide you the solution to your math question.

No, matter how much longer a question you have. Just take a photo of your question.

And it will give you the solution along with step by step process. Now, it’s up to you which app you like to use both have good reviews among students.

Learn more about how to improve maths for your exam.

10). Math Tricks (App).

You can take this app as a fun app.

However, it is not like a video game it will give you the small – small math tricks which you can solve in your free time.

It will make your mind sharp. Because it also gives the time limit for solving math trick and you have to finish the calculation between the time periods.

It’s fun and it makes your mind sharp in the calculation.

So, in an exam, you will not be going to waste your time like others, in the calculation.

11). Blue Life Filter.

So, as you are using the phone now a lot because you have so many study materials also on your phone.

It important that you will take care of your eyes also.

Usually, most the students use their phones at night time.

Blue life filter app gives you protection from harmful light that comes through your Smartphone.

It put a blue thin layer on your phone. And harm light of your phone will be not able to reach your eyes.

12). BYJU’s App.

Another best app for class 10th students. This app covers lots of education areas such as NEET, JEE, State Board, GMT, and more.

Plus it also gives the quiz lesson and practice lesson for preparation purposes.

Many top rank students completed their study part through BYJU only. The review of students for this app is very positive.

You can also refer this app to any of your friend who is preparing for the board exam.

Some major features BYJU app carries, which are rarely available in other apps. Such as, can calculate the tax here, gaining market information, livestock price details, and more.

Many times might you feel stressed because of a lot of study materials. therefore I have also written an article about how to reduce stress and get back relax again for study.

13). Extramarks (Education App).

This education app is beneficial for small to the teenager. In other words, it gives the education knowledge to start from kindergarten to 12th standard.

It’s also helpful for board exam preparation and ICSE or CBSE. If you want to prepare for medical or engineering after 12th class. Then also this app will be very beneficial for you.

Extramarks help you with the testing and practicing part. You can refer to the question and answer too for the board’s preparation.

Apart from a study it also gives the fun part to students. This means you can challenge any friend in an online app.

And according to your friend’s convenience, they can expect your challenge to resolve the concern.

14). Closing Thoughts.

I hope you have found help from the above education app. I have provided the best education app available in the market.

Through these apps, your study pressure will be going to be reduced.

These apps are holding tons of study information subject ways. So refer as per your study requirement and gain knowledge.

15). Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is like all in one solution for any subject. You can search for anything in the Wikipedia app.

Many knowledgeable writers always publish and update the article on Wikipedia. On a daily basis.

Plus this article is coming in 300 different languages which is one of the tremendous approaches to reaching out to unique students.

You can check the trending topic and current affairs kind of topics here easily. You can adjust the Wikipedia app setting according to your preference.

For example, if you want to adjust the font size or color mode, then you can easily do that. It will make your reading experience more awesome.

It also provides a table of content. It is very convenient to move one to another article if you want too.

You can search the topic through the voice integrated search also. Another best part is that you can organize your article in your reading list. Which will help you later for reading?

16). UnfoldU App.

UnfoldU is another best learning app available in the market.

It does not only provide the KG to 12th class students study topics. But it also helps with competitive exams such as CAT, JEE, IAS, and so on.

You can access this app in the Hindi language also apart from the English language. This study app provides a very engaging video of the subject topic.

You can take the coaching class here and example papers also you can check here easily..

17). Ted App.

If you have an interest in science, planet, and technology. Then the Ted app is also will very helpful for you to gain plenty of knowledge.

In this platform, you will able to find the 2500 plus talks and speeches by the most qualified and knowledgeable person on the earth.

Ted app also provides subtitles in over 95 plus languages. You can also download the video or audio for offline purposes.

And you can use those office videos while you are traveling by bus or metro.

18). MyCBSEGuide App.

So if you are CBSE student and looking for the best app for study. Then please download the MyCBSEGuide app.

This app also gives access to free NCERT solutions, CBSE sample paper, and important question subject or chapter-wise.

Here you can try the online exam test and more. CBSE teachers also can clear their doubts here related to their teaching subject.

Download the app and check the latest CBSE syllabus. Attempt the online test unlimited times. Always reactive the latest news and updates related to your subject.

19). Duolingo App.

Now if you have an interest in a foreign language and apart from school study you want to learn the other language too.

Then Duolingo app can easily help you out. Because this app gives you the lesson in French, German, Russian, Greek, Swedish, Welsh, Spanish, and so on.

This app helps you in your listening power, reading power, and speaking power. Through this study app, you can improve your grammar skills and vocabulary too.

Anyone can use this app because it’s totally free. Simple to use and very effective in terms of learning.

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