TOP 5 Programming Languages to Learn 2024-25 [Now].

TOP 5 Programming Languages
TOP 5 Programming Languages

Programming Languages.

Today we are going to talk about the Top 5 Programming languages.

When we are attending the class we know which programming languages are going on.

But, what we really know is where should we use all this theoretical information in programming.

Maybe your answer is no.

Because in so many programming languages your professor will teach you all.

If you have a love for programming languages or if you really want to make a career in programming.

Then it’s very important that you will know, which programming languages have demand in the market and why.

Which languages are more searched by the client?

Or which programming languages going to give your a good salary.

Therefore, here today you will get top programming languages details with why.

Let’s drive in it…

Top Programming Languages.

1). JavaScript

In the last few years, JavaScipt is more demanding in the IT field.

Because it’s invented to make web pages come alive.

A web page reacts to user actions like giving certain questions or a mouse to give point to the page means in other words it makes Web page Dynamic.

The big company also focuses on the concept of programming.

Now, JavaScipt is at the top because in a few years they have massive development in JavaScript.

For Example, The JavaSript JSON file format has become one of the popular formats for transferring data.

Angular JS allows you to create an awesome interactive Web application.

Note JS which is javascript run-time environment that allows you to build a server.

Because of React also, JavaScript comes into demand.

If you stay focused on Java language then it’s very easy to learn.

As a front-hand developer in Java languages in your skill, you will earn around 3 to 5 lakh per annum.

However, if you have Java knowledge including the NOTE JS, React, and JSON skills then your salary can go to 5 to 14 lakh per annum.

Interesting facts right?

2). Python

It is one of the oldest programming languages we have.

And as per his demand, these languages are not going anywhere in the future as well.

It is called a scripting language.

But, now it also comes under general purpose using programming languages.

Now you can use these Python languages is like anywhere.

For example, Game Development, Web Development, data science, and computer vision.

It’s compatible with the major platform of the system. For example, it will now also be used by, Google, YouTube, Amazon, and many more.

If you’re done with the Python language with simple syntax and basically gives your a good salary.

However, if your master Python algorithm with good experience then you can earn 3 up to 15 lakh per annum.

3). Java.

No need to tell why java is on this list.

It is one of the most used programmers in the market. It provides well-paid jobs.

Java is very versatile its used in the development of games, web pager, android app, cloud development, and many more.

Social media is also run buy Java-like

Java is easier for you if you know the C language.

Salary depends on your experience or last organization. However, it’s normally raised from 4 lahks up to 11 lahks.

4). Swift.

As you know after becoming a developer favorite its demands is getting higher.

This programming language is using developing app for Apps for IOS, WatchOS, etc…

Similarly to Java, Swift is also very easy to maintain and read it’s also fast and comes with fewer lines of coding.

Also, if I talk syntax buys then also it’s very easy.

Using Swift you can start to build App in 4 to 5 months and even though you can launch your own App.

After that, if we talk about the salary it again depends on your experience and knowledge.

However, you can earn 3 lahks to 8 lahks per annum.

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5). C#

As we all know that C# mostly used by Microsoft. Because they are using this programming to build the application for them.Net framework.

The scope is in also high because this language is used in most of the major area, for example, Developing Web application, designing Web forms, console applications, developing games many more…

So if you are a master in C# and like to go, with.Net developer, you can expect a salary of around 3 up to 5 lacks per annum.

6). PHP

This a Web page language, you can easily work with these languages if you little about HTML or CSS.

It is true that it is a heavy language for Web application, but it does not make this language dead still it has a lot of demand in the market.

You can take the example of WordPress most using Platforms for blogging have been designed but PHP only.

Its old language, however, still has a big requirement of this.



As we all know C is the foundation language and C++ is a build-up to the top of the C.

So, no doubt that if you will become a master in C++ then not only you have good speed but also speed-enhancing and optimization tech.

If you cover this then you will get to know the fundamental computer science concept.

Also if you cover C++ then other languages are a bit easy for you like Java, C#.


If you cover the SQL then it will help you lot. It’s not a programming language but still, it helps you to recover data, index data, deleting data.

Means in other words backend work. Because at the end of the day you have to deal with data as well apart from coding.

Bonus Information

If you have chosen your favorite language plus completed the basic concept.

Then for special coding skill improvement, you can refer to some website that can give you the daily task for practice purposes and you can build your knowledge over there.

You can visit:



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