Top Professional Courses in India: Best & Conventional.

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Today we are going to talk about, Top professional courses in India.

Or I can say top professional courses after graduation.

In either way, you will get the information about the top professional courses in India.

The professional course fulfills the requirement of many industries to runs the country in good economical ways.

Therefore, it’s important that students make the right choice and make the country proud.

First all fall, I would also like to say not only Engineers and Doctors make good income In the future there are many different scopes also we have in India in which you can earn the better payout.

In today’s date, India also has top courses that present various filed, for example, Hotel Management or Air hostess Travel management.

Moreover, I am not only sharing the top course of India but also telling you the upcoming top demanding scopes which makes your interest more boost up for your study.

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Let’s get started….Now

1. Tourism Management.

Tour and travel are now one of the demanding professional courses. Therefore I have mentioned this course here. In India tourism is one of the big scopes.

Every year lots of people are traveling domestic or international for sake of business. It also helps to grow the country’s economic condition.

If you have an interest in tourism then you can definitely go with this course. Millions of amounts have been invested each year.

Indian ministry also runs the programmer to promote tourism service.

Huge Job Opportunities we have in this, for example, you can be a reservation staff, counter staff, tour operator, tour planner, or travel agent.

If you are looking for the best start then you can refer the government institute Indian Institutes of tourism and travel management.

Minimum Eligibility: 10+2 in any stream.

2. Master of Business Administration.

One of the best professional courses after 12th in commerce or arts too. Best way to involve your career under Management Company.

However, college selection for this degree in various important. Because lots of students after completing these best professional courses also not get the right job. The reason behind this is not choosing the reputed college or institute.

So if you are planning to go on the master of business administration then choose the college carefully.

Few top management colleges for you:

  • Indian school of business (Hyderabad).
  • IIM (Bangalore).
  • IIM (Calcutta).
  • Praxis School of business (Kolkata).
  • Great Lake Institute of Management (Chennai).
  • SDA Boccioni (Mumbai).

Now let see the MBA admission exam which happens all across India.

CAT (Common Admission Test).
XAT (Xavier Aptitude test)
Management Aptitude Test (Mat)
(SNAP) Symbiosis National Aptitude Test
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT).

Not only an MBA you can check other management courses too.

Such as certificate in business analytics, a certificate in big data and analytics, a post-graduate programmer in business analytics, and so on.

Career Option:

After completing any of these professional courses you can start you’re as senior manager, supervisor, chief executive officer, and more.

3. Accounts & Finance.

Humans and money both are connected for survival reasons. So all companies and industries always required the account and finance management people too.

So now you can understand the impotence of this career. If you are searching for professional courses for commerce students.

Then the account and finance course is the best answer for you.

After completing the account course you can also opt-in for the higher degree course, which will help your career to grow in a fast way.

Career Option:

After completing the popular course under finance subject. You can start work in audit, finance, taxation, financial management, raising funds, cost controlling, and many more.

4. Web Designing.

The right presentation of the website can boom the client’s business. Today in this internet world every company small to large need the official website or sale website.

As appears on the website is very important for every industry. Therefore, the job of web designers has been also increased these days. And now it also comes under top professional courses in India.

The best part of this profession is that you can build your small startup or you can work with the company as well.


If we talk about one and an average salary then in this industry you can earn approx. 25000 to 40,000 in a fresher phase. 

5. Digital Marketing.

One fastest-growing career option in India. Whenever we talk about web or internet digital marketing comes automatically.

Digital marketing generates millions of businesses in the last few years. We cannot ignore this industry at all.

This profession only required product right information and website basic knowledge. Lots of short terms and long-term courses are available for these professional courses after 12th.

Many digital marketing courses also cover SEO, SEM, Social media, and marketing topics. Day by day’s charm of the industries is increasing by the new people. 

6. Journalism (BJMC) & Mass Communication.

Delivering process of the messages or any information through media in one short to the large count of population plus same time different media sources as well as a newspaper or digital marketing.

It gives you the right to present the real picture of the society also gives information related to various topics that help to finger out the condition of the country.

Now in a model society awareness of each thing are most important.

Job opportunities have now increased a lot after involving internet transmit.

However, few posts are very popular, for example, Journalists, Broadcasting, Public relations, etc…

Minimum Eligibility: 10+2 in any stream with good academics.

7. Computer Expert (BCA/MCA).

In the past few years, the interest of most students makes computer applications very demanding in the IT field.

After that, now the computer is very necessary for school and college to provide a good part of education.

Similarly, government departments are also becoming digital now and save most of the data on computers only.

So the growth of computer applications you can imagine. Under computer, design to basically perform some function that fulfills the person’s requirements.

The language you will learn in this is various C++, Java, programming language, etc..

Minimum Eligibility: 50% marks in 10+2.

Job Opportunities, for example, Software developer, Programmer many more.

If you want to check the diploma course options too. Then I have provided the diploma course case study here.

8. Designing (Interior/fashion).

If you have creativity in design and a good planner then it makes you a good Designer.

In another word, you have changed to work with modeling companies, fashion designing, Interior, and web designing.

But, first of all, check which design of interest you have it’s a cloth designing or Interior design.

As fashion industries are in boom now this course comes among top professional courses in India.

Job opportunities, for example, creative designer, fashion designer, graphic designer, multimedia designer many more.

Minimum Eligibility: 10+2 with 50% marks.

9. Management.

Every company needs management, and anyone who runs a business or organization needs management strength.

First of all, look that if you have an interest in planning, organizing, staff handling, or leadership then it would be great for yours.

This course gives you the direction to complete the goal which management has set for the company plus financial efficiency.

Job opportunities, for example, supervisor, senior manager, and many more.

For good management admission, you have to clear the entrance exam.

10. Nursing (B.SC/M.SC).

This course is demanding plus respective. Therefore, the scope in this field is very high.

Who complete or choose the nursing course they always not only doing a job.

After that, also they are always helping directly or indirectly to families, group communities, and many more places.

As healthcare is never going to end. Similarly, these professions also have huge demand.

Job opportunities, for example, Staff nursing, military nursing, deputy nursing superintendent, and many more.

Minimum Eligibility: 10+2 in Science along with 45% marks.

11. Engineering (B.Tech/M.Tech/ME/BE).

One of the most heavy and valuable structured courses. The demand in the market is high.

However, it also depends on your subject choice and college selection. Passing out with a good college & institute only has the best idea.

If you are looking for a core engineering branch then better go with Civil Engineering, Medical & Electrical.

It is one of the top course in India which has been pursued by the 12th completed science students.

If you look for a higher qualification in the same stream then you can go with M.E, M.S, m.Tech.

Minimum Eligibility: 10+2 along with 60% marks.

12. Medical (BDS/MBBS).

Students how to have an interest in medicines can pursue this course.

Doctor qualification will make you the direction to deal with personal injuries and illness.

Therefore, most of the science students looking for this course as its not only a job its more than a job. This is a very prestigious degree.

After completing MBBS only give you the title of Doctor. After that, you can choose the medicine according to your interest and get more specialization on that.

Minimum Eligibility: 10+2 with English, Science, Physics, Bio & chemistry along with 60% marks.


Law is work under a system of rules and according to the rule only we accepted each set of social behavior.

Law will help you the direction to understand the law process, its rules, and his terms.

Every country needs a law to set rules. And this needs to make this course one of the top courses in India.

Two kinds of law in available Civil and Criminal Law.

Job Opportunities, for example, Lawyer, Barrister.

Minimum Eligibility: For LLB admission 40% makes in graduation with any stream.

14. Hotel Management (Hospitality).

This profession gives you the privilege to work with luxurious hotels, and resorts and gives you style suits.

If you like to work under the ship opportunities also come under this profession. Hotel management basically focuses on client service according to his needs.

Job Opportunities are huge with big hotels like Taj and you can open your own restaurant as well.

Minimum Eligibility: 12th along with 50% marks.

15. Air Hostess.

Under this course, you will get to know how properly present your self front of any human begin plus how to give service as per client requirements and many more.

Besides this profession, it’s required that you are a humble person as a heart. So, you will perform well as a cabin crew.

As an air hostess or steward, you have to not only take care of your client’s food requirement plus you have to take care of security terms as well.

If you have a skill like a sense of responsibility, good appearance, teamwork, a positive attitude, and a pleasant voice then it will work as a plus point for you. Should now English and foreign language.

International Airs pays better than domestic. However, in domestic also you will get the payout list of 25000 to 40000 according to the campaign you apply.

Minimum Eligibility: 10+2 in hospitality.

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