How to Upload a Video to YouTube: Step by Step.

man holding YouTube brand name

Upload a video to YouTube.

This guide will help you to upload a video to YouTube. More the 1 million users are signing in and watching YouTube videos every month.

YouTube making people life easier. Not for only gaining knowledge but also for making money online.

Upload video to YouTube from the computer.

Before uploading a video to YouTube you have check few think like.

Make your perfect video and do all the editing and sound work before download in your channel. For user good experience.

Second store all your video in the computer drive. So, that you can upload them in your YouTube platform.

There are many free editing software is also available which will make your editing more easily.

Few free video editing software, which you can refer are mention below:

One important part is this that, while you are doing the process of uploading a video on YouTube.

And because of x/y reason, you aren’t able to complete the setting process.

Then your video will be saved in a draft. So, do not worry about it.

So, let’s drive in it….

Step 1: Fist Sign in to YouTube Studio.

Step 2: After that top of the right, you need to select the Upload option.

Step 3: Then you will get the option of video selection from your computer. So, select the video which you like to upload.

Step 4: Then you have to mention the title of the video. In other words, a title which defines your video exact topic.

Step 5: Next you have to fill out the description box. In which you have to describe your video in details.

For example, what exactly your video is all about and how it is beneficial.

Step 6: Now you have to upload the thumbnail. Thumbnail is the image of video which viewers can see before clicking on the video.

Note: before processing the next step you must make sure that your video uploading process is get done.

Step 7: Now you have the select the advance setting. If you are uploading video first time, then make the playlist of your videos.

If might you have already playlist then add your videos on that. Or perhaps create one playlist.

To add visual elements experience you can leave as an upload experience.

To add interactive content to your video you can leave as an upload experience.

Step 8: After that, you have to mention the subtitles and closed captions files.

Step 9: Next choose the original video language.

Step 10: Now you have to provide the tags. In other word, you have to tags some keywords. Which is related to your video searching terms.

It would help viewers easy to find your video fast. And they will find the correct video which they are looking for.

Step 11: After added tag now you have to select the category. Means, your video comes under comedy, education, career or health, etc…

Step 12: Next you have to add the location where the video was filmed. Enter the date when the video was recorded.

Step 13: In the next step you have to choose the license. You will get the two option creative commons license and standard copyright license.

Step 14: After that, you will get the option of comment selection.

Choose whether you want that viewers leave the comments in your video. Or they are allowed to see the like and dislike of your videos.

Remember, you can select this option as per your choice.

Next, we will move to the additional setting.

Step 15: If you want, you can put the age restriction for your viewers.

Which will apply for some off user only! Again it’s totally up to you, if you want to do this else it’s not compulsory.

Step 16: next you can embed your video on a different website if you want.

Step 17: Now you have to select the option of notification. Do you want to send a notification to your subscribers for your latest or new video?

Step 18: Next need to select the paid promotion option.

This option says that do you want your viewers and YouTube knows. That you have paid promotion in your videos or not.

Step 19: Now times comes for preview & publish tab. select the privacy setting. View all process has been completed before shows to your audience.

Step 20: While previewing your video, make sure that it follows all YouTube policy. After doing all of that you can publish the video.

Upload video to YouTube from Mobile.

Here, first I would like to update you that. Trough mobile you can upload the video from your video gallery.

If you have already video available in your phone video player then, it is good. If not then you can upload the same.

Step 1: Go to your video which you like to upload and click the share button on that.

Share button can be placed in a different place as per different mobile models.

For example, in iPhone share button would be visible in the down bottom left corner. And in android, you will get the share button in menu option.

Step 2: After clicking on the share button. You will get the multiple options. In which you have to select the YouTube app option.

If might you have not login in yet in your YouTube. YouTube will ask you to sign in first. So, do the same sign-in first.

Step 3: Next they will ask the title name and Description details. Which you have to fill if you are uploading the video, which filmed by your camera.

In the title, you have to mention the basics, that what your video all about. However, the description will show the short details of video inside details.

Step 4: Now you will get the option of the tag. So, tag the video with some relevant keywords. Through which viewers can easily search your video.

However, if you put the wrong keywords or phrases. Then it could harm your video appearing on YouTube.

For example, I have put the video related education. So I will choose the keyword related to the education line not of the job line.

Step 5: Next option is privacy setting option.

Here, you have to select the option that you want to publish your video under public appearances, private or unlisted.

Public upload will allow all the viewers to see your video. Although Unlisted will only allow the person whom you link with the certain video.

And in private you will only able to see your video. Plus person channel to whom you tag on that video.

Step 6: After complete privacy setting you can now click on the upload button. Or a public button to upload your video on your channel.

It depends on your file size that how much time it will take.

Note: Before starting uploading process please check your internet data capacity. So, that it will not fail in between. However, it will much batter, if you are using Wi-Fi for uploading your videos.

Here, you finally are done with your uploading video to YouTube.

How to monitor your first video analytics.

Now as you have done with you upload a video to YouTube. You can monitor your first video to just check how correctly you have done.

For same you have to click on your profile image icon. Which is available in your right upper corner. After click on that, you will get the option of creator studio.

There you will see the dashboard option after clicking on that. You can explore your analytics like traffic details, audience demographics, comments, and click view.