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Just picture yourself that you have one golden trick like UPSC Previous Years Question Paper.

Through that, you can solve the Premils Exam a few questions very easily.

It will make more chances to clear your Prelims Exam.

What if, you share this knowledge with your close friend?

Definitely, they will be thankful to you.

Today, I am going to share the UPSC CSE Previous Years Question Paper to you, which is going to help your UPSC Exam.

Let Drive in it…

In UPSC Exam previous year’s newspaper is very important.

If we look behind we will see from 1979 – 2018 a maximum 40% to 50% of questions have been repeated.

So doing the previous years question paper is always a good practice.

If you cover 7 years of question paper which you practice then around 700 questions you have completed which is best for the exam.

Apart from that when you go through each previous question paper you will able to find that which patterned UPSC is following and what trends are going on.

You will be released instantly that you are focusing on an important part of the topic rather than reading each and every topic.

We have to cover a lot of books in IAS, so it’s good if we are able to finials the trend.

UPSC also not denied to practicing previous years question paper.

That why UPSC also release the question paper so that the upcoming candidate has some ideas of question trends and tricks.

UPSC (CSE) Previous Years Question Paper.

2014 Prelims Exam Question Paper

General Studies Paper I

General Studies Paper-II

General Studies Paper II (X Series)

2015 Prelims Exam Question Paper

General Studies Paper I

General Studies Paper-II

 2016 Prelims Exam Question Paper

General Studies Paper I

General Studies Paper-II

2017 Prelims Exam Question Paper

General Studies Paper I

General Studies Paper-II

2018 Prelims Exam Question Paper

General Studies Paper I

General Studies Paper-II

Answer Keys 2018-2019.

UPSC Officially shows the Cut-Off Marks of few Previous Years.

CUT-OFF Marks.

All UPSC (CSE) Exams of Few Last few Years (IES, CDS, NDA, Mains, etc…)

The 2020 Year UPSC Question Paper

2020 Years UPSC Question Paper

2020 Years Question Paper

2015 & 2016 Years Question paper

UPSC Active Examination List.

Active Examinations.

Bonus Information:

Now, I am going to talk about the topper of UPSC 2018. You can take him as motivation and build up your energy.

His name is Kanishak Kataria and he is All India topper. He is an IIT Bombay Graduate.

His success path in UPSC CSE makes inspiration for other students.

Kanishak is B.Tech in Computer Science.

He belongs to SC category. As per his words, he says that he is an energetic & enthusiastic person.

Also, he is looking for new challenges in real-life problems.

After that, he says that his full interest always in Machine learning & Data analysis.

He loves traveling and avoids sports followers. Because to achieve something big you have to give something back.

He has completed his schooling from St. Paul Sr. Sec. School Rajasthan (Kota).

After that, he is joined by IIT Bombay because he wants to pursue B.Tech.

But, one more major plus point he has that he has 5 years of work experience.

He worked previously as a Software Engineer (2014-2016). In such a small age of 26, he achieves his goal.

If we talk about his Academic Achievement than:

All India (Rank): 44 in IIT JEE.

All India (Rank): 3 in State rank AIEEE Exam & 24 (all India).

What about 2nd rank Candidate?

Yes, the name of 2018 UPSC CSE 2nd rank topper is Akshat Jain.

He is graduated from IIT Guwahati. He has a degree in design.

It is not like, that he is clear this exam in the first attempt. He tries twice first he attempts the exam in 2017 in that he has not clear.

However, he has not to get motivated he stands up again and gives an exam in UPSC 2018, and then he clear his paper.

You can take inspiration from that.

You will shock to know that Akshat has not attained any formal coaching. He makes his own strategy and planning to achieve his goal.

Jain says while preparation it’s important that you stay connected with your friends as well. So that you will not feel lonely and you are able to more focus in your study.

He achieves his goal at age of 23…

So, stay focus on your study to follow proper planning and be positive.


I would like to thanks all my readers who show their own interest.

Now it’s your turn, tell me which part of the guide you like most or which years question paper is more useful for yours.

Now it’s your turn.

If you need any more information related to this topic let me know through the right comment right now.

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