What is MPA Course [Master of Performing Arts] Scope/Jobs

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What is MPA Course.


What is MPA Course?

The full form of MPA is Master of performing arts. If you have an interest in art. And you want to go for the specialization BPA then you can pursue an MPA degree.

MPA programs give you the three major specializations.

  1. Music.
  2. Dance
  3. Theatre.

These three specializations do have sub-specializations too. Such as instrumental music, bagpipes, bass guitar, vocal music.

The selection for this MPA program institutes does through various steps.

MPA certification actually taught you about the production and performance aspects of performing arts.

If you have an interest in films, drama, direction, production design, entertainment, and multimedia industry. Then the MPA degree is best for your career prospects.

Master of performing arts (MPA) is two years post-graduate course. Which gives your career to advanced exploration and success.

But Why, MPA (Master of performing arts) course.

After knowing about what is MPA degree? Now the question comes why should you choose MPA programs.

Here is the thing.

This is one of the perfect courses which gives you a deep knowledge of theoretical and practical in various field. Such as music, advertising, dance, and drama.

 Its have a good job opportunity in the market. After completing the Master of performing arts course. You can apply for a job in multiple industries.

Such as dance academy, films, and television industry, self-employment, music companies, advertisement companies, theatres, etc.

Eligibility for the MPA course.

Graduation degree of BPA (Bachelors in Performing Arts) or similar related filed. The minimum marks in graduation should be 50%.

Many institutes take admission to the diploma students too. Perhaps students do have 50% marks in his UG level.

Admission Process Master of Performing Arts.

For an MPA degree and admission you have to give the entrance exam, personal interview, and academic performance.

Students should need to have little knowledge of the aspects of the arts. Because having arts theoretical knowledge will help you to clear the entrance exam and interview.

MPS (Master of Performing Arts) Course Syllabus.

Semester I

History of India Dance and Drama.

Folk Dance & Folk Drama.

Studio Course-Practical-2 Different Kinds of Theatre Grames/Other Dance Movements.

Natyashastra & Other Texts.

Studio Courses-I Exercise & body fitness, Yoga.

Semester II

Indian Dance-Pre & Post Independence Scenario.

Popular Dances of the World.

Dance Aesthetics.

Studio Courses V.

Semester III

Theory of Classical Dance I

Theory of Dance II

Studio Courses III

Studio Courses IV.

Studio Courses V.

Semester IV

Musical Instrument of Folk Instrument.

Studio Course (Stage Performance).

Like Sketch and Contribution Dance.

Field Work/Dissertation and Viva-Voce/Project Report.

Skill Set Required for MPA.

  • Creativity.
  • Imaginative Skills.
  • Artistic Ability.
  • Passionate.
  • Observant.
  • Interpersonal Skills.
  • Expressive.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Innovation.

MPA Career Prospects.

The value of an MPA degree is very high in the arts industry. If you are thinking about what can you do with an MPA degree.

Then let me tell you there are tremendous job opportunities are available for art students.

Just because arts candidates do not get the high package in starting the career phase. Therefore people think that it has no scope.

Benefits of an MPA you can see after having some experience in this field.

MPA students get a handsome salary package in starting. Later too they get the smart package as per their experience.

A career as a performing artist gives you a luxury life after having some work experience.

After completing Postgraduate of Master of Performance Arts (MPA). You can apply in the area like film and television, drama artists, production houses, freelancers, magazines, theater productions, and studios.

Performance Arts need creative and personal talent for jobs. You can also work independently or freelancer and its good to have pursued a Ph.D. course in arts for better growth.


Theatre Artists.

Theatre Manager.

Music Teacher.


Dance Teacher.


Stage Manager.

Musical Theater Performer.


Theatre Director.

Salary of MPA Candidate.

The average salary of the Master of performing arts is around 1.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs. Different levels of art professions have different salary structures.

Let see some job position of MPA salary ways.


Job Description.

Salary (Approx.).


Theatre Manager.

3.4 Lakhs to 4.2 Lakhs.


Music Teacher.

1.45 Lakhs to 3.2Lakhs.



Depend on the project/ Assignment.


Dance Teacher.

1 Lakhs to 5.2 Lakhs.


Theatre Artists.

1 Lakhs to 2.3 Lakhs.

Most Popular Specialization in MPA with Syllabus.

Every MPS specialization has its own course in the syllabus. If you want to pursue the most popular MPA program then you can apply for the Theatre, music, and dance.

Let see these MPA course syllabus for knowledge purpose.

MPA Drama and Theater Syllabus.

Fundamental of Visual Design.

Folk Performance.

Classical Indian Theatre.

Voice & Speech.

Direction Theories.

Theories of arts.

Play Production.

Tradition Theatre.

Dramatics Literature.

Foundations of Modern theatre.

Design Technology Makeup Design.

Theater in education.

Director Theories.

Dramatics Technology.

Physical Exercise & Theatre Games.

Master Thesis.

Acting for Camera.

Children Theatre.

Performance Sound Design.

Film Production.

Theatre Architecture Oriental & Occidental.

Film History.

Improvisation & Choreography.

Theatre Music.

MPA Dance Syllabus.

Dance in Sanskrit treaties.

History of Dance.


Tradition Folk Dances & Folk theater of north and south India.

Rasa and Nayak Nayika Bheda.

History & Development of World Dance.


Dance in Natyashastra and Abhinaya Darpana.

MPA Music (Vocal) Syllabus.

Comparative Aesthetics.

Compositional Forms of Indian vocal music.

Indian Aesthetics.


Analytical Study of ragas & Talas.

Components of Prescribed raga and Talas.

List of MPA (Master of Performing Arts) Colleges and Institute.


MPA Colleges & Institutes.



Christ University.



Bharathidasan University.

Arunachal Pradesh.





Pondicherry University.



Arunachal University of Studies.

Arunachal Pradesh.


NIMS University.



AISECT University.



Swami Vivekananda University.

Madhya Pradesh.


Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University.



CMJ University.



Chandigarh University



Shri Krishna University.



Goa University.

North Goa.


Dr.Hari Singh Gour University.



The University of Allahabad.



Uttarakhand Open University.



Bhatkhande Music Institute.


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