Where to Learn Free Online Courses [Top Online Options].

purple backround Where to Learn Free Online Courses
purple backround Where to Learn Free Online Courses

Where to learn free online courses.

Students look for free online courses else online learning because they want to learn something new. Or else they want to learn in through online classes which give them flexibility and affordability.

Online learning platforms help the candidate to learn new skills and new techniques therefore candidates want to know where to learn free online courses in the best possible way.

Some students like online classes because they get the best free online courses another because they love learning online.

In both ways, online education is the best for personal development and mental development.

As today science is given as lifelong learning and online learning is on trend that’s why free university courses are also coming out through the recognized universities.

Where to Learn Free Online Courses.

So if you are looking to free online learning courses for something new. But not have much idea about it, or have extra time for classroom class or energy.

Then online study is the best option you can choose it has amazing particular topic ways online classes along with online training courses.

So choose any one of down below free online learning platform and learn something new.

One of the great things about these platforms are that they provides best free online courses with certificate and free training courses.

Let’s start with the best free resources and courses with free online courses platforms.

  1. Udemy.
  2. Coursera.
  3. Khan Academy.
  4. Edx.
  5. SkillShare.
  6. Upgrad.
  7. Alison.
  8. Udcity.
  9. Datacamp.
  10. FutureLearn.
  11. Open Culture.


You might be heard about the Udemy online learning platform because it is one of the largest e-learning online platforms we have in the world.

Udemy free online courses carry more than 130,000 courses by more than 42,000 instructors.

Umedy courses for free study makes these platform more approachable and accessible.

It covers many different topics and subjects plus it provides Udemy free certificate courses which makes him one of the big marketplaces with lots of online courses.

Udemy is not simply for free certificate courses its covers various language learning.

Such as finance, education, mediation, crafts, programming, graphics, etc. It not only provides free online courses.

This online platform is also popular for the online professional courses which are also known as paid online courses.


Coursera is another best platform for free programming courses with certificates. It provides some online learning courses in different languages.

It has specialization in various topics and degrees in many subjects. You can access the multiple options through online paid options like assignment submission and course materials.

Less you can stay with the free online class with multiple learning courses.

Plus coursera also has partnered with more than 210 schools and universities. Apart from that, it has a connection with big and prestigious companies.

Such as IBM, Facebook, Standard University, etc. And students will get the video clip too with English substituted.

Not all free online courses come with the certificate students have to check before enrolling which courses have the certificate and which are not.

Khan Academy.

The next best e-course we have is Khan Academy students can always learn something new here.

These free online learning platforms give the best educational courses. Its offers free instructional videos and a personalized learning dashboard for learners to practice in their own way.

Khan Academy does have free online language courses such as maths, computer, arts, science, engineering, finance, economics, etc.

If you are the students who are looking for the best online course platforms for practice tests. Then you can use this platform for test practice such as GMAT, Scholarship, SAT, Admission tests, etc.


Edx is famous for online learning for MOOC courses. It has been founded by, MIT in Boston and Harvard University.

Candidates who are searching for the MOOC certificate or the highest level of MOOC online classes can enroll on the Edx website.

This online education platform does have free online classes and end of the course they also provide a free unverified certificate.

However, whenever candidates go for any online class in my opinion kindly check the course full package details with certificate information.

In Edx you will find the free courses from top universities like Standford and MIT, etc.


Skillshare is another great online platform where students can study online for free. In addition, skillshare gives an extra advantage as it has an online learning community where expert practitioners can create courses for others.

Expert students can learn courses plus share their knowledge with others for education growth and skills.

Some of the famous online learning categories skillshare has like photography, business, creative, technology, etc.

Skillshare has many paid online courses and free online courses both students need to select as per their needs.


Upgrade also comes under top online learning platforms but it’s a relatively new platform.

Here candidates enroll in the e-learning courses, knowledge, and new skills. Upgrade has the courses which provide free certificate and multiple self-place topics courses.


Students who are searching where to learn online course platforms for sociology, digital photography, web, etc, then Alison is one for you.

It has several subjects along with the above one in which you will get the options for the certificate attesting without any extra free.


For free web design courses, mathematical nature, scientific, and business lessons students can join the Udacity website.

They have few free online courses and most of the courses are paid.


Now Datacamp platform is best for the data science students, or machine learning students.

This means if you want online learning the understanding of how big data can be handled then Datacamp could be a good online platform for you.

The best part of Udcity is that for a few dollars you will get access to a lot of courses and study materials.

However, Datacamp does not offer the free certificates as other online learning platforms do.


It offers courses from top universities and organizations. Small to 6 weeks of courses for digital education.

Basically, FutureLearn’s online platform covers the topics related to digital educations and its courses in a diverse range of subjects.

You can join FutureLearn as per your needs and take the free trials of 14 days for the subject basic knowledge.

Later if you really like the topics and if it helps you grow then you can upgrade the course and pay the fee for the full version of the course.

Open Culture.

Another best free online platform courses offer 1200 plus free courses. These courses are leading by the top universities such as Oxford, MIT, Stanford, etc.

Students can check the Open Culture online platform as per their requirement and if they like then enjoy the audio and video by downloading them.

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