How To Answer “Why Should We Hire You”.

Resume for interview.

This guide is all about how can you handle the interviewer questions like “Why should we hire you”. After all, these are the major interview questions that increase the chance of your hired.

To close your interview with the good point you must be prepared for any scenario. While giving answers for interview questions you should communicate with top thoughtful reason to hire you.

Why Interviewer Asks this Question:

Because the interviewer wants to select the best person for the position. Recruiters always looking for more than qualified people, because jobs are more competitive now in the market.

If might they hire the person who will not able to fulfill the hire position requirements. Then the interviewer can be also suffered in his career life.

By asking this interviewer question that “why should we hire you”. Basically, he/she is giving you the chance to sell yourself in the best way or proof how you are best for the hiring position.

Why should we hire you?

This awesome opportunity to highlight yourself in front of your recruiter. Answer them with 3 to 4 strong reason which can relate the profile position.

Start with your selling point and explain your impressive strength. Such as talk about industry experiences, technical skill, soft skill, education, training, etc.

Next, you can talk about your key accomplishments. In other word talk about your good points or success story. For example, if are very good in programming skill or tanning skill and you add on your team handling quality as well.

Then basically you are giving the company skill plus ability. This is a great peace of mixture which impresses your interviewer.

Note: It’s always important that you answer every interview questions with enthusiastic and confident.

Normally fresher are thinks that because of no experience they are lacking behind. But it’s not the truth, many interviewers like fresher’s who can motivate own self in to succeed and learn.

I wrote an article about the most common interview questions & answer too so check out for more information.

Common Mistake:

Prepare your three or four strong points. Do not just randomly say the line. Practice more about how to explain your skill and deliver the right phase of the line.

Be yourself do not show overconfidence. Do not make your answer lengthy always take one or two minutes to answer.

Most Possible Answer.

For experienced person “Why should we hire you”?

Over the past year, I have gained the relevant skill and experience which I can use with your organization. I can also use my teamwork skills and communication ability to move your process future if I am selected for this position.

My past companies experience also recognize my capability and ability. I always like to earn fruitful experience which will help me as well as your organization for a fruitful result.

Most Possible Answer.

For fresher’s person “Why should we hire you”?

It’s a wonderful opportunity for me to work under a renowned company like your organization. It is a very great platform for me to establish my knowledge in the private sector. I want to contribute my full potential so that organizations can towards to welfare of the best brand.

Most Possible Answer.

I truly feel that I have the potential and skill available required for this position. I know I can easily handle the ups and downs of this position of work. Not only has my back experienced my ability and skill also making me perfect for this position.

I also believe to amaze my manager through my high-quality work. Lastly, I learn the project very quickly. I believe in individual work plus teamwork too. So ideally, I am fully confident about the position and I am positive too.

Most Possible Answer.

I believe I do have good qualifications and knowledge through that I am enough eligible for this position. Plus I have the attitude to excel and already working to build my expertise. Which would be beneficial for my future growth and company too.

Most Possible Answer.

My Supervisor told me once that he never look anyone that much advance in excel like me. Plus he also believes that I am a self-motivated person. So basically, I keep improving my skills so that I can gain the best knowledge and after join your organization. I will be able to implement the same skills with your organization too.

Most Possible Answer.

For college pass out person “Why should we hire you”.

I am pretty happy with my academic education and under my college education, I have also exposed myself to interacting with other team groups and various cultures.

Plus I have also covered extracurricular activities such as sports events, Monthly projects and more. In between my college study, I build myself as an organized person with a well and wild network of friends.

Most Possible Answer.

Being an Operation executive from the past 3 years I have gained the knowledge of learning modules, presenting projects, giving training deliveries, instruction activities. How to build a relationship with other departments of professional persons.

I have also assumed that the HR department is working a lot for us to push us for a major upcoming role which is very impressive. Therefore, now all these skills and experiences will be beneficial for your esteemed organization.

Most Possible Answer.

For sales Person “why should we hire you”.

As a sales person, I have built a strong network around myself. So that could be a good option for your organization too.

Because through my strong network I can easily distribute, retails and sale the product of your organization. My vast knowledge of sales products and services will make me perfect for this position.

Most Possible Answer.

I believe my experience and knowledge make me a perfect match for this post. In my previous company I was responsible for team handling behave of my manager, updated the other executives, response to the urgent official emails, take care of upcoming events.

Truly, I can do all this stuff because I was enjoying that part. Therefore, I come for this interview because it totally relates me to my previous position. Hence, I can handle the position easily without any lacking of work.

Most Possible Answer.

As per my over 5 years of experience I build up the creative, strategic in skill or work, leadership and motivational in my previous company. While do have a direct collection with the client too.

However, I am pretty sure I can deliver the work quality and quantity beyond the ask from the client-side.

Most Possible Answer.

I am always looking for the industry which can drive me for success. I know I can give an immediate impact on your organization because I am passionate about my work.

I am always ready to deliver high-quality work because I am always looking for success. I love to join your company and department so that I can grow the unit.

Note: Always show your talents, strengths, professional achievements and work experience. Show your interviewer that you are corresponding personal and how you fill total fit in their organization. Proof your positive attitude and enthusiasm for your work.