How to Write a Job Application Letter for a Job [Sample].

letter of application with pen.

Write a job application letter.

This article will be going to teach you how you can write a job application letter. Along with the letter of application sample.

Letter of Application for Job Sample.

Aug 24, 2020.

Dell Limited.

White field.

4585 U. Industrial DR., Ste. 26.

Delhi, West 110056.                                                                           Rattan Nagar.

                                                                                                        859 Main St.

                                                                                         Industrial Area,110059.

                                                                                         Phone: (558) 689-1159


Dear. MR. Rocky.

I write to apply for the Trainee Software Developer at Dell Limited. I am a perfect fit for this post.

I have the professional experience to handle the corporate software developer team and management. Able to prove a success as a corporate developer.

In my previous position role, I have support an office of 150 personnel. In this position, I would like to give my client service, major responsibility, able to a stable vibrant work environment. I like to fulfill the need of your organization and looking to increase clients for your company.

I believe I have very good knowledge of advance excel, which is great for this position. I am an organized person, creative, do have passion, also capable to give quality service. Through conversation and question-answer I can easily able to make an impact in any person.

I believe that I handle the large team easily as per my experience. If you have any questions for me or might require any additional documentation then please contact me using my phone number either email id.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Template Letter of Application for Senior Data Analyst.

11/05/2020 [Month/Day/Year].

XSDF Limited. [Name of Company Applying].

Jay Nagar [Street Address].

Bangalore-Karnataka 560053.

Dear. Mrs. /Mr. / PRETTY [Hiring Manager].

I am writing to you because, I have expressed my interest in the Senior Analyst position available at Tata Company. I believe that I can able to give the training to my juniors too. Therefore, I can handle this position very calmly.

My work experience also carries the skills which you have mentioned in your job description.

  • [List job experience you have in bullets].
  • [Describe your background of work].
  • [Attached the resume or upload the resume].

I believe after having to look into my resume and application you can able to relate my skills with your current position. If you want any further details or documents. Then please contact me through the above-provided details.

Thank you for your consideration and time.

Letter of Application for Assistant Manager.

Dear Mr. John.

This letter is on behalf of your job requirement for the role of Assistant manager. I believe as per my experience and skills I am a perfect match for this position.

I completed my Management diploma course at Christ University. I have worked as a marketing manager, e-commerce manager, and sales manager at Jindal Company.

During my presence, the company has been increasing his annual success graph 14% more. I have given my contribution to new projects and execution. Hence, I believe I do have the full capability to handle this position very positively.

Also, I did the B2B sales and marketing which has increased my marketing strategy too. I am pretty confident related to my work and I am fit for this position. I have also attached my CV. Please look at the experience in detail.

I hope you will give me the chance to meet you. Introduce yourself better regarding this position.

Thank you for considering my job letter or application.


Rohan Pandey.

Job Application Letter for Teaching Job.

This is regarding your online job advertisement which I have found in Regarding the vacancy of the math teacher. I believe I perfectly fit for this position.

I have a total of 6 years of experience in the teaching line. I am very good with the students and parents too. I can handle the student’s 4th to 10th class. I have worked in my previous school as a team coordinator too. As per your job description, my qualification is matching too.

I would request you kindly consider my job application and review the attached resume. If you feel I am fit for this position then please let me know. And contact me in my given details.

Thank You.


[Phone Number].

[Email Address].

How to Write a Job Application Letter For a Job.

Prepare Your Letter.

I would suggest before start writing the job application letter you just took the plan paper. And write your skill which can relate you from the job description. Plus other requirements and experience detail so that you can prepare the letter without any confusion.

Start with your Name, address, phone number, and email id, personal website if you have and then mention the company information in which you are applying.

To Whom You Are Writing.

Now you have to write the name to whom you are writing this job application letter. You can also mention the title of the person or position.

If might you do not have the name of the person then you can search the same on twitter or in LinkedIn through company name. Either you can mention the department name too.

Write Your First Paragraph.

Make your letter first paragraph attractive and impressive. Because normally managers always focus on starting a few lines and the idea regarding your interest or skills.

Show how much you are excited to join there company. Plus how much applying position is mean to you. Your tone should be professional and polite.

The Second Paragraph Mentions Where You Found The Position Information.

If you have any friends or relatives in that company. Then surely you can mention your references while you are writing a job application letter.

If might you do not have any reference and you have found the opportunity in job portal or newspaper. Then mention the same details in your letter.

Explain Your Skills and Benefits.

Explain your skills and experience. Give them the reason why you are the best fit for applying for a position. You can also explain your accomplishments and awards.

You can show up your learning skill capability, project handle experience, and productivity and leadership skill too. After that also give little highlights regarding your strength, qualification, and experiences.

Brief Your Qualifications, Experience and Knowledge.

You can brief your academic details too. Under experience show how much you are responsible for your department. How a company gets growth because of your contribution.

You can also mention how much you are trustworthy for your manager or clients. Show up your confidence and strongest.

Sign Off.

To showoff you respectfully or best wishes you have to leave the sign off your name. Down of sign off, you can also mention your name in words too.

Else you can write the name before taken printout and after that took the printout. Now put the sign off underneath your name.

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